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Analogue Solutions Unveils Ample

Leading British electronic instrument innovator Analogue Solutions is thrilled to introduce Ample, the ultimate desktop-friendly ANALOGUE 3 VCO PATCH PIN SYNTHESISER. This precision-engineered electronic musical

Handpan Machina
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PulseSetter-Sounds Announces HANDPAN : MACHINA

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: PulseSetter-Sounds proudly presents HANDPAN: MACHINA — a revolutionary KONTAKT instrument featuring multi-sampled Halos infused with the cinematic sound design company’s unique

Super 6

UDO Super 6

BRISTOL, UK: UDO is excited to announce the availability of its groundbreaking Super 6 keyboard instrument in a new white color variant. This alternative color


ROBKOO Qithesizer

ROBKOO, a digital art software and hardware company based in Shanghai, China, is excited to announce the release of Qithesizer. This advanced multi-engine hybrid software

Chop Suey

Chop Suey From Tracktion

Chop Suey, a new kick drum plugin from Dawesome and renowned techno producer Björn Torwellen, is now available through Tracktion Corporation. Sinee and Dawesome is

Arturia Pigments 3

Arturia Pigments 3 New And Improved

Pigments 3 advances the immeasurable capability of additive synthesis, an extraordinary utility engine with dual noise sample players, sub-oscillator, the iconic filter from Jup-8 V,


Xils Lab KaoX

VST and fx plug-in-developer XILS-lab is happy to reveal the availability of KaoX, a VST instrument encouraged by a legendary FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer. The

Black System III

Erica Synths Black System III

Erica Synths reveals its Black System III. Black System III is a unconstrained, performance aligned setup — a nice collection of the finest sounding and