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Super 6 White

BRISTOL, UK: UDO is excited to announce the availability of its groundbreaking Super 6 keyboard instrument in a new white color variant. This alternative color complements the Super Gemini, showcased at SUPERBOOTH23 and introduced as a 20-voice dual-layer polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer with Super-Wave technology. The Super 6, with its exquisitely designed control panel featuring a custom-engineered ribbon controller, a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, and other exceptional features, will serve as UDO’s flagship product upon its release later this year. Additionally, a limited number of special-edition blue Super 6 desktop models, matching their blue keyboard counterparts, were showcased at SUPERBOOTH23, celebrating the forthcoming flagship release. These new options became available on June 15.

Super 6

The Super 6 made a remarkable impact when it was first introduced at SUPERBOOTH19 in Berlin, Germany. It revolutionized the concept of the traditional analog synthesizer with its unique approach as a 12-voice polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synthesizer featuring Super-Wave technology. This instrument combines state-of-the-art FPGA digital hardware oscillators with analog filters and amplifiers. Its super-wavetable core can be shaped and manipulated through the binaural analog signal path and flexible modulation capabilities. With its true stereo path, the Super 6 forms six “Super” voices by twinning its 12 voices, enabling users to create stunning stereo images by independently controlling the parameters of each voice channel.

Super 6 Desktop
Super 6 Desktop

Recognizing that the original Super 6’s footprint may not suit everyone’s needs, UDO promptly introduced the Super 6 desktop version. The Super 6 desktop brings the same beautiful sound, immediate control, and exceptional build quality of its predecessor to a more compact package. It features a re-engineered design, an all-metal chassis with VESA mount compliance, optional 7U rack ears, and robust flip-up feet. Like the Super Gemini, UDO’s future flagship synthesizer set to ship later this year, the Super 6 desktop is presented in the striking white colorway.

The availability of the white Super 6 and limited-edition blue Super 6 desktop models aligns with UDO’s Super Gemini launch celebrations and coincides with an upcoming firmware update for the Super 6 lineup, enhancing the versatility and visual appeal of these exceptional synthesizers.

The white Super 6 keyboard is available to order through UDO’s growing global network of dealers ( priced at £2,495.00 GBP (including VAT)/€2,699.00 EUR (including VAT)/$2,700.00 USD, while a limited number of special-edition blue Super 6 desktop models that perfectly match their blue keyboard counterparts are priced at £1,895.00 GBP (including VAT)/€2,079.00 EUR (including VAT)/$2,160.00 USD.

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