ROBKOO, a digital art software and hardware company based in Shanghai, China, is excited to announce the release of Qithesizer. This advanced multi-engine hybrid software synthesizer is available for iPad, iPhone, and Mac (AUv3). Qithesizer combines physical modeling, virtual analog, and wavetable synthesis, offering compatibility with MIDI wind controllers such as Robkoo’s popular Wind Synthesizer R1, as well as controllers from other brands like Akai and Roland. The product became available on June 30.


The name “Qithesizer” is a creative combination of “Qi,” which refers to the circulating life force in Chinese philosophy and medicine, and “synthesizer,” an electronic musical instrument that generates and combines signals to produce various sounds.

Qithesizer is designed to work seamlessly with wind controllers like Robkoo’s Wind Synthesizer R1. The Wind Synthesizer R1, released last year to great acclaim, is a futuristic MIDI wind controller with responsive RGB light bars, motion control, Bluetooth connectivity, customizable hotkeys, onboard sound banks, and a dedicated app. By integrating with wind controllers and other MIDI hardware from brands like Akai and Roland, Qithesizer aims to facilitate digital art creation. Users can map their MIDI hardware controllers to Qithesizer parameters for real-time dynamic effects, with MIDI Learn synchronizing all displays with their performance. This integration may help Qithesizer stand out in a competitive market.


Qithesizer combines various synthesis technologies, including physical modeling, virtual analog, and wavetable synthesis. It offers two wavetable oscillators, four physical modeling instruments, three noise generators, three classic filter types, two envelopes for filtering and amplitude control, and two low-frequency oscillators (LFOs). The modulators section includes eight modulation slots, 11 sources, and 18 destinations. With these features, users can create original sounds without requiring extensive knowledge of synthesizers. Additionally, Qithesizer comes with an extensive factory library of pre-programmed patches.

Qithesizer not only encourages experimentation by consolidating multiple sound engines into one user-friendly interface but also provides high-quality sound design and portability. It can be used on Apple’s iPad and iPhone, and its compatibility with AUv3, an updated version of the AU (Audio Units) plug-in format for Mac, extends its reach and appeal. AUv3 is currently the only plug-in format available on iOS, further expanding Qithesizer’s capabilities.

Price $12.99

Find out more here: https://www.robkoo.com/en/qithesizer



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