Audio Plugin Uninstaller

Wide Blue Sound, the creator of inspiring and unique music tools, is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of its AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER. This essential audio plug-in management tool for Mac users simplifies the process of uninstalling plug-ins, offering several new features that enhance its usability. The update is available as of December 1.

Modern music technology often scatters audio plug-in files across a computer, with each developer following a different file placement philosophy. Fortunately, AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER by Wide Blue Sound provides a one-click solution for effortless plug-in management on Mac.

The v1.1 update introduces two modes of operation:

1. Uninstallers Mode (New): This mode reads the original installation receipts and reverses the installation process. It ensures that files used by other plug-ins are not unintentionally removed. If a plug-in lacks a regular receipt, users can still delete it using the “All Plugins” mode.

2. All Plugins Mode: In this mode, users can delete any plug-in. It now includes a “Filter by Plugin Format” drop-down menu, allowing users to filter and remove formats they no longer use. Additionally, the “Reveal in Finder” feature, accessible via right-click, simplifies the process of manually quarantining a plug-in during troubleshooting.

AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER offers numerous advantages for Mac-based music-makers:

AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER simplifies the process of managing plug-ins, helping musicians maintain a clean and efficient digital workspace. It is a must-have tool for Mac-based music-makers.

AUDIO PLUGIN UNINSTALLER is compatible with all audio plug-in formats, including AAX, AU, CLAP, RTAS, VST, and VST3. It is available as a free download from the Wide Blue Sound website. For more click here.

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