Arturia Pigments 3

Pigments 3 advances the immeasurable capability of additive synthesis, an extraordinary utility engine with dual noise sample players, sub-oscillator, the iconic filter from Jup-8 V, four unbelievable new FX including a multiband compressor, and a whole lot more.

Joined with an overhauled audio routing system, unparalleled DSP performance, and its signature dynamic graphical workflow, Pigments 3 establishes the new soft-synth standard; a composer’s workhorse, a producer’s playground, and a sound designer’s dream.

To announce the current colorful version of Pigments, Arturia shows a selection of reasonable introductory offers, including a swank & indispensable pack of five sound banks built to make the most of Pigments 3’s different palette.

New in Pigments 3

The Spectrum Sound Pack

The Spectrum Sound Pack merges five different sound banks, each including 100 presets, made to display Pigments 3’s dynamic features, from the new Harmonic Engine to the analog glamour of the Jup-8 V filter.

Introduction deal until May 13th 2021

Price $99 existing Pigments users, this update is free of charge

Spectrum Sound Pack $19.99

Find out more here.

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