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NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA: Synclavier Digital, the manufacturer of timeless synthesis products, is excited to announce the wider availability of Regen. This desktop synthesizer is a modern regeneration of the iconic Synclavier® II digital synthesizer by New England Digital. The original Synclavier® II made waves in the pro audio industry when it was introduced in 1980, pioneering polyphonic sampling and DAW capabilities. Regen builds upon the rich legacy of its predecessor and harnesses the increased computing power available today, making it a compelling and affordable option for musicians. The product became available for purchase on June 29…

After two years of development, Synclavier Digital presents Regen as a compact desktop synthesizer designed for modern use. It features a rugged, backpack-friendly aluminum housing measuring 310mm (W) x 260mm (D) x 42mm (H) and weighing only 1.8kg. The housing is finished in a sand-textured black color and includes a ‘Synclavier-red’ surround securely placed on non-slip rubber plinths. The design also incorporates ergonomic features such as VESA mount compliance. The surround offers extensive connectivity options, including MIDI IN and THRU ports on 1/8″ TRS connectors, a Phones TRS jack for monitoring with independent volume control, DC-coupled stereo Balanced Outputs on XLR connections for studio use, DC-coupled stereo Single-Ended Outputs on TS connections, a HOST USB port for MIDI input from a computer, four Accessories USB ports for MIDI keyboard controllers, sequencers, or audio interfaces, and an SD CARD reader for expanding the onboard 1GB factory content with user timbre and sample libraries. The standout feature of Regen is its unique user interface, boasting two full-color sunken OLED displays with advanced animated graphics. These displays include a VK display, mimicking the top-tier Synclavier® II VPK edition from 1985, showing pertinent information, and a main modal display dominating the NAVIGATION panel, providing access to current parameters, user settings, timbre library, and more. The interface also includes responsive silicon back-lit parameter buttons, touch-sensitive selector buttons for swift selection of multiple PARTIALS or TRACKS, and a touch-accurate vertical-value SWIPER with 128 levels of resolution for precise control of every parameter.


Delving into the technical capabilities, Regen is powered by an advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) synth engine, faithfully modeled after the one found in the original Synclavier® II digital synthesizer. This engine captures the unique musicality of the original hardware, including all its quirks and nuances, setting Regen apart from modern synthesizers. The engine has been extended and enhanced to provide 12 separate tracks of multi-timbrality, supporting MIDI tracks and keyboard ranges, up to 98 simultaneous voices, and 12 partials per timbre. The partials operate in various oscillator modes, such as Additive, Sample, Subtractive, and Hybrid, allowing for versatile sound design. Regen also features timbre-level effects like a stereo reverb algorithm, a multi-mode filter with sophisticated envelope, and a bit-crusher. It offers FM (Frequency Modulation) control per partial, as well as a modulation system that allows MIDI and LFO control. The high-resolution 24-bit stereo DAC ensures pristine audio quality with a low noise floor, 130dB of dynamic range, and a 50kHz sample playback rate, reproducing the original Synclavier II DSP synth engine and its included New England Digital (NED) samples accurately.


Regen includes over 2,000 royalty-free samples, featuring a selection of original NED samples and newly commissioned samples from renowned sound designers.

It also offers over 550 preset timbres categorized by instrument tags, including hand-picked examples by Anthony Marinelli, a notable film composer. The synthesizer supports polyphonic aftertouch and MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), with many presets optimized for MPE.

Regen is the result of over 40 years of synth design and the answer to the long-awaited question of creating another hardware version of the Synclavier. Cameron Warner Jones, along with Craig Phillips, who played the role of original Synclavier hardware designer Sydney Alonso, have crafted a sound-designer’s dream in the form of Regen. Since its initial release, the team has continued to add firmware-upgradable features, including sample resynthesis and microtonal options, along with additional preset libraries available for download. Craig Phillips reflects on the development journey and the monumental achievement of the original Synclavier II, stating,

“Looking at this synth now, and the complexity of it from both a hardware and software standpoint, it seems unreal that we completed the development, but back when Cameron and Sydney Alonso were working on the Synclavier II together, that was a monumental achievement too.”

Price $2,500.00

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