PulseSetter-Sounds Announces HANDPAN : MACHINA

Handpan Machina

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: PulseSetter-Sounds proudly presents HANDPAN: MACHINA — a revolutionary KONTAKT instrument featuring multi-sampled Halos infused with the cinematic sound design company’s unique creative processing, resulting in ethereal pads, drones, plucks, and loops. This latest release stands as their most powerful virtual instrument to date, a product of close collaboration with award-winning film and television composer Greg Tripi. MACHINA combines his exceptional Halo playing and style with a modern hybrid approach to instrument-making, thoughtfully crafted by composers for composers. Its straightforward GUI provides a bird’s eye view of all effects and controls, offering composers a highly-capable and sophisticated tool that truly sparks inspiration.

Before delving into the extraordinary features of HANDPAN: MACHINA, let’s take a brief look at the origin of its source samples. The Halo, an original American handpan, is a unique musical instrument characterized by its circular steel design and soft yet energetic and otherworldly sound. Created by the American company Pantheon Steel, the Halo has captured the hearts of musicians and novices alike and continues to be a flagship instrument in the world of steel pans.

Greg Tripi, a renowned composer based in Los Angeles, was drawn to the Halo in his relentless pursuit of fresh sounds and inspiration for his craft. His impressive portfolio includes composing for television shows like The Fix, Manhunt: Unabomber, and The Knick, as well as contributing to various motion pictures, video games, and commercials.

HANDPAN: MACHINA is an extraordinary fusion of natural sounds and creative sound design, with PulseSetter-Sounds meticulously crafting 342 cinematic loops and pulses from pristine Halos. It seamlessly blends these multi-sampled Halos and loops with the company’s signature modern processing to produce a wide range of captivating sounds, making it far more than a typical multi-sampled handpan KONTAKT instrument.

At the heart of HANDPAN: MACHINA’s powerful GUI are dual XY pads. The left pad allows users to perform and automate four layers of samples, combining loops and multi-sampled instruments crafted from Greg Tripi’s exceptional Halo recordings. The right pad is dedicated to controlling custom mixes of various effects, enabling real-time performance and recording of full music cues with automation. Each layer also has its own independent effects sequencer for LFO, envelope, filter, distortion, equalization, and delay, along with four advanced sequencers with Chord, Arpeggiator, and Sequencer modes.

HANDPAN: MACHINA comes packed with 15.80GB of content and 12 menu instruments, providing a powerful out-of-the-box experience. However, seasoned users can take advantage of its extensive programming options, including synth-like capabilities such as LFOs and envelopes, offering deep and versatile control over the sounds.

In addition to its studio use, HANDPAN: MACHINA thrives as a live performance instrument when connected to a MIDI controller, providing an organic and dynamic musical experience. It proves particularly valuable when composing to picture, allowing composers to perform in real-time and save valuable time during the creative process.

The performance matrix within HANDPAN: MACHINA empowers users to effortlessly control and manipulate the four layers of samples, making it an incredibly flexible tool for composing cues. Its carefully curated instruments cater to immediate needs, while its advanced programming capabilities enable users to create custom instruments with access to the entire sample library.

In conclusion, HANDPAN: MACHINA transcends the traditional concept of a handpan KONTAKT instrument, representing a musical embodiment of PulseSetter-Sounds’ thoughtful design process with composers in mind. Its vast array of materials and modulation possibilities invites serious users to explore its potential fully, making it an essential and innovative music production tool. This exceptional instrument takes the name of the renowned cinematic production company to new heights, showcasing KONTAKT instruments designed by composers for composers.

Intro Price $69.99 USD — rising to after $99.99 USD

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