Eminence and Orange Launch the Kristian Kohle Bass Impulse Response Pack


On July 3rd, 2023, in Eminence, KY, the esteemed speaker company, Eminence, renowned for its iconic bass speakers in rock ‘n’ roll, and Orange, the legendary British amp company celebrated for its exceptional bass cabinets, proudly introduce the Kristian Kohle Eminence/Orange Bass Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack. This remarkable collaboration is a must-have for dedicated […]

Audified ToneSpot

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Audified ToneSpot is the newest processing plugin that can help shape the tone of your bass. I personally struggle with getting the bass to sound right in the mix and this tool could be the missing link. Read more below. BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio fx developer Audified is proud to […]

Corney Mims Bass Pack

MSXII-Corney Mims Bass Pack

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] MSXII has a new Bass Pack available called Corney Mims Bass Pack. If you looking for basslines to add to your production, you might want to check this out. Read more below. MSXII Audio Design in cooperation with Carvin Guitars is pleased to launch the initial installation of the Corney Mims Bass Pack […]

Producers Choice Unleashed 808 Warfare

808 Warfare

[fresh_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKQl7k8W_tc”] [fresh_divider style=”dotted”] If you looking for new 808 for bass then check out 808 Warfare by Producers Choice. Producers Choice has been around for awhile now delivering kit after kit of heat. You need 808 Warfare in your sampler or Kontakt. Download Now! Read more below. After Tears, perspiration and blood – we […]

Akai Unveils Rhythm Wolf

Akai Rhythm Wolf

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] I’m so excited about the announcement of the Akai Rhythm Wolf Analog drum and bass synthesizer. The Rhythm Wolf is something to keep on the radar. Read more below. Cumberland, RI, USA– March 11, 2014. Akai Pro (akaipro.com), a leading pioneer of music devices for production and performance, reveals the Rhythm Wolf, an […]

Controlling Bass and Mud Part 2


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Controlling Bass and Mud is a hard process in a untreated room. You will need some kind of treatment to reap the benefits of this post. I wanted to continue on the topic of Bass and Mud because there are so many tricks to help achieve the sound you want. I have a […]