Producers Choice Unleashed 808 Warfare

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If you looking for new 808 for bass then check out 808 Warfare by Producers Choice. Producers Choice has been around for awhile now delivering kit after kit of heat. You need 808 Warfare in your sampler or Kontakt. Download Now! Read more below.

After Tears, perspiration and blood – we are proud to bring you one more IMPRESSIVE collection of JUST 808 basses.

We called it 808 Warfare – due to the fact that the 808s in this product are hostile, loud and dishonest.

Great Sounding 808s

808 WarfareWe know how to make an 808 sound. Our target for this collection was to present a “brightened”, prepared to use collection of 808 basses – so you can acquire terrific 808’s without touching a knob. You can trust that the 808’s you are making use of are of the most effective quality, and refined, EQ ‘d, pressed and shaped flawlessly.

This item is all you need in your life …

QUICKLY EXPLORE YOUR 808s, if you are looking for HUGE 808 basses that rattle your subs like crazy.

When dealing with a track using 808 Warfare – you could play out your bassline, then go back and click beside change via the 808 areas up until you discover the perfect 808 for the track you are dealing with.

Each 808 is pitched correctly to your keys. So if you hit C1 – you’ll get an 808 pitched completely to C. This suggests you could create a bassline, then return and change areas rapidly to audition the most effective 808 for your track!

Conserves time, and makes your workflow a lot lot faster.

Simple Interface

We wanted to make this module quick and easy to use. No bloated functions. Less time tweaking, and additional time developing tracks.


After the enormous success of Urban 808, we went back in the lab to work on a follow up – and we ensured it was bigger and far better.

We crafted each 808 from the ground up for this collection. This is ALL NEW material you will not discover anywhere else. And you can simply acquire 808 Warfare directly from Producers Choice.

Substantial, EPIC 808 basses that “shake the walls”.

These are simply the most usable 808’s available for commerce. Try 808 Warfare and let us know if we telling the truth!

  • Kontakt & WAV format
  • 41 Kontakt Patches in total
  • 4 bass slides / 808 slides
  • 3 “mangled” 808 instruments
  • ALSO INCLUDES – 169 WAV format 808 kicks and basses.

IMPORTANT – You need a COMPLETE version of Kontakt 5 to use the Kontakt format library. If you do not utilize Kontakt – we also supply a WAV layout model.

Price $47.00

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