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Audified ToneSpot is the newest processing plugin that can help shape the tone of your bass. I personally struggle with getting the bass to sound right in the mix and this tool could be the missing link. Read more below.

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio fx developer Audified is proud to reveal ToneSpot Bass Pro– provided as an abundantly effective channel strip plug-in with a remarkable, easy to use GUI that gives professional processing power to let users form their bass tone to fit any music style, completely aiming the company’s ToneSpot series Swiss Army knife-style remedy for all tone seekers as an appropriately-named opening barrage– as of February 12 …

Building the perfect bass guitar tone takes time as well as effort. Designers usually require to applying some seriously hefty lifting to the signal to please studio-savvy bassists– mixing several re-amping chains with heavy dosages of filtering, compression, equalization, saturation, and also some multi-band processing, plus a lot more besides! Certainly, it is obvious that top-tier designers usually run the signal through their chains two or 3 times in series up until both designer and musician are 100% completely satisfied with the outcome.

Truth determines that this is hardly shocking– both from a creative and recording perspective. Why? Well, bass guitar can take a lot of handling since it is typically used to eliminate heavily distorted and also harmonically abundant layers of guitars and/or synths. So the tone needs to cut through the mix. Musically speaking, the bass has to be both constant as well as limited, however, it also requires to audibly show bottom-end while making it visibility felt in the midrange area at the same time. This sometimes involves it needing to be practically distorted as those guitars and/or synths it is being contacted to musically sustain, so it can not– as well as should not– be overlooked in the mix, as any kind of sound designer in search of hitting that bass tone pleasant place understands only so well. Whether the bass itself is heavily altered, preserving clarity throughout is– typically– a delicate harmonizing act. Besides, audiences should undoubtedly have the ability to listen to which bass notes are being played? Maybe.

Price $99.00 USD

Buy here.

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