On July 3rd, 2023, in Eminence, KY, the esteemed speaker company, Eminence, renowned for its iconic bass speakers in rock ‘n’ roll, and Orange, the legendary British amp company celebrated for its exceptional bass cabinets, proudly introduce the Kristian Kohle Eminence/Orange Bass Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack. This remarkable collaboration is a must-have for dedicated bassists and producers aiming to harness the immense power of their bass.

Crafted by the highly regarded German rock and metal producer, Kristian Kohle, whose name reverberates across the industry for his remarkable productions spanning various metal genres, this pack establishes a new standard in quality and tonal versatility. Kohle, renowned for releasing industry-standard impulse response packs, has meticulously designed mix-ready IRs featuring three distinct Orange cabinets: the aggressive 4×10″, the thundering 8×10″, and the rumbling 1×15″.

Eminence and Orange

The Kristian Kohle Eminence/Orange Bass Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack is designed with both bassists and producers in mind, empowering musicians to explore a vast tonal range. From earth-shaking growling rock tones to the most aggressive and crushing metal bass sounds, this pack offers unparalleled possibilities. Additionally, the pack includes a stereo impulse response of Kristian Kohle’s renowned live room, appropriately named the “Room of Boom.” By integrating this exceptional IR into a reverb IR player, you can infuse your bass tone with a touch of room ambiance, providing a realistic and immersive feel to your tracks.

Whether you’re an experienced bassist, a dedicated producer, or an aspiring musician, the Eminence/Orange Bass Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack offers a diverse selection of tonal options to seamlessly integrate your bass track into any mix. For more information and to purchase the new IR pack, please visit eminence-digital.com/products/kristian-kohle-eminence-orange-bass-ir-pack.

Price $49.99

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