Stix Jam Pack Vol. 3 Is Available

stix jam pack 3

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] The Drum Broker hooked up with Stix again to bring another edition called “Stix Jam Pack Vol. 3“. If you looking for awesome breaks and hits, check this kit out. Read more below. Check out the Stix Jam Pack Collection, a collaboration from drummer Stix as well as The Drum Broker: The Stix […]

The Drum Broker Black Friday Sale – 50% Off


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] 24hr sale happening Friday so get ready. Read more below Our annual Black Friday sale is here! It starts 12AM EST Nov 29th, 2013 and runs exactly 24HRS. Take advantage of MASSIVE savings! All drum Kits are 50% off and MPC, SP-1200, Maschine, TR-808, and NS-10M USB Drives are $10 off. All you […]

Beat Butcha – Pure Protein Vol. 2 Drum Kit Out Now

Beat Butch Pure Protein 2

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Beat Butcha does it again with another kit called Pure Protein Vol. 2 for Digital Download. I’ve made a ton of bangers with some of Beat Butcha’s previous kits and you should be happy with the sounds loaded in this kit. Beat Butcha makes sure the sounds are thumping and crispy. Take your […]

Bars, Keys, and Anomalies Sample Pack Digital Download

Bars, Keys & Anomalies

[fresh_video url=””] [fresh_divider style=”dotted”] M Simp and Matt Slack does it again. After the success of Unkempt Breaks M Simp and Matt Slack decided to release Bars, Keys and Anomalies Sample Pack. This should be a worthy addition to your Sampler or Daw. Also check out my interview with M Simp. Part 1 Part 2 […]

Minty Drums Vol.2 is Out Now

Minty Drums Vol. 2

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] The Drum Broker released Minty Drums Vol. 2 for the drum hungry masses. All the drum hits have been processed with hardware. If you need drums or your beats a lacking that punch you’ve been looking for, look no further. You can never have enough drum sounds plus get something that is already […]

Boom Bap Phonetics 2 is Out Now

Boom Bap Phonetics 2

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] As always, Drum Broker never fails to deliver the best drum samples available on the internet today. Boom Bap Phonetics 2 is out so get ready to grab it. Any beat maker knows the quest for drums is endless, well at least for me. I highly recommend this drum kit based off of […]

The Drum Broker Releases The Unkempt Breaks

Unkempt breaks

[fresh_video url=””] [fresh_divider style=”dotted”] The Drum Broker at just announced the Unkemtp Breaks Kit ready for download. These original breaks were recorded thru a SSL Duality board. The sound quality sounds amazing and I’m ready to dive in myself. The breaks look like they were recorder at a professional studio with expensive gear. I […]