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stix jam pack 3
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Stix Jam Pack Vol. 3 Is Available

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] The Drum Broker hooked up with Stix again to bring another edition called “Stix Jam Pack Vol. 3“. If you looking for awesome


The Drum Broker Black Friday Sale – 50% Off

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] 24hr sale happening Friday so get ready. Read more below Our annual Black Friday sale is here! It starts 12AM EST Nov 29th,

Bars, Keys & Anomalies

Bars, Keys, and Anomalies Sample Pack Digital Download

[fresh_video url=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=qki5dx39aQw”] [fresh_divider style=”dotted”] M Simp and Matt Slack does it again. After the success of Unkempt Breaks M Simp and Matt Slack decided to

Minty Drums Vol. 2

Minty Drums Vol.2 is Out Now

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] The Drum Broker released Minty Drums Vol. 2 for the drum hungry masses. All the drum hits have been processed with hardware. If

Boom Bap Phonetics 2

Boom Bap Phonetics 2 is Out Now

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] As always, Drum Broker never fails to deliver the best drum samples available on the internet today. Boom Bap Phonetics 2 is out

Unkempt breaks

The Drum Broker Releases The Unkempt Breaks

[fresh_video url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKjt-Hl2w6I”] [fresh_divider style=”dotted”] The Drum Broker at hiphopdrumsamples.com just announced the Unkemtp Breaks Kit ready for download. These original breaks were recorded thru a