Boom Bap Phonetics 2 is Out Now

Boom Bap Phonetics 2

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As always, Drum Broker never fails to deliver the best drum samples available on the internet today. Boom Bap Phonetics 2 is out so get ready to grab it. Any beat maker knows the quest for drums is endless, well at least for me. I highly recommend this drum kit based off of the first Boom Bap Phonetics. These should match or surpass the previous offering. Drum kits are perfect for beginners or advanced users. For beginners, you can get a fresh start using good drums and your beats will sound good. You still will have to be creative because the drums are just sounds you will have to construct.

Just download these drums and load them into your favorite sampler. It doesn’t matter if you are using hardware or software. You can stack the drums until your heart is content or filter them until they are almost unrecognizable. If you just bought a MPC 2000XL with no sounds then you will really need these drums. You could search for drums on records or sample individual drum hit but it will be time consuming. By purchasing the drums, you save time with sound design. The price of admission is not expensive to get started making bangers. For $24.99, who could walk away and not give these drums a shot. Read more from Drum Broker below.

Boom Bap Phonetics 2 is the follow up to the wildly popular Boom Bap Phonetics Drum Kit by Greg Savage and features a slew of dope & original drum samples.

Boom Bap Phonetics 2 What’s different?

Added Spice: Drum Loops/Fills, (Clean/filtered versions)
Sampler’s Dream: Kept it RAW for you to chop and filter
Over 200 Samples: Kicks, Snares, Breaks, Fills, Hi Hats, Bass, Loops
16 Bit
Compatibility: Logic X, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason 7, Fl Studio, Digital Performer, All Hardware Samplers: Akai Mpc 3000, 2000Xl, 1000 Maschine
Recording Chain:
Live Drums → Microphones (Multiple Condensers/Dynamics) → Joe Meek Preamp → Mpc 3000/Sp303
Bonus: Select Stem Files, Multiple recording perspectives (Motown Style)
Example Sounds featured in this kit:

Get Boom Bap Phonetics 2 $24.99

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  1. Thanks Greg. That means a lot coming from you. Also, I’m a big fan of your work. I’ve made some bangers with your first Boom Bap Phonetics.

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