Minty Drums Vol.2 is Out Now

Minty Drums Vol. 2

The Drum Broker released Minty Drums Vol. 2 for the drum hungry masses. All the drum hits have been processed with hardware. If you need drums or your beats a lacking that punch you’ve been looking for, look no further. You can never have enough drum sounds plus get something that is already chopped and processed to do what you want. Don’t waste time. Get these drums and take your beats to the next level.

Many take their productions for granted when they don’t use the right drums for a beat. Drums usually make or break a song in Hip Hop. Drums are the foundation so keep that in my when making a beat. I usually spend time stacking drums and getting busy. I hate thin drums. No matter what you buy stay alert for drums. If you sell beats, you need sounds to keep the clients head nodding. You will never sell a beat or get placement if your drums are wack. Don’t be the producer people want to stay away from. It can easily happen so don’t take drums for granted. If you want to make beats like the best make sure you have an arsenal of drums.

Minty Drums Vol. 2 should have enough bang for the buck so don’t pass up on the deal from the Drum Broker. Boom Bap is an art form so stay in tune with us to follow what we doing. Read more below..

Fresh beats need fresh drums!

Enter, Minty Drums Drums Vol. 2, the follow up to the wildly popular Minty Drums & Percussion drum kit, another all new installment of must have drum samples for your production arsenal. Minty Drums Vol. 2 features 238 live & original drum samples processed through a variety of outboard analog equipment including:

SSL Preamp
Manly Preamps
Studer 2″ tape machiner
Drum Samples come as crispy 24-Bit Samples with plenty of Analog Flavor.

Price $24.99

Grab it here..



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