stix jam pack 3

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The Drum Broker hooked up with Stix again to bring another edition called “Stix Jam Pack Vol. 3“. If you looking for awesome breaks and hits, check this kit out. Read more below.

Check out the Stix Jam Pack Collection, a collaboration from drummer Stix as well as The Drum Broker:

The Stix Jam Pack Vol.3 – Drum Fills, Original Live Drum Breaks, as well as One Hit Drum Samples by prominent drummer and artist Stix. Stix is an artist/drummer for Sabian Cymbals as well as Ludwig Drums and also recognized as the current drummer for Chance The Rapper. Stix included something incredibly dope on the comply to the remarkably well-liked Stix Jam Pack Vol. 1, & Stix Jam Pack Vol. 2 by producing and recording 158 Brand NEW classic breaks and one shot drums you will not be able to locate anywhere else! Mentored by renowned drummer from The Roots, Questlove, Stix brought a distinct drummer driven strategy to producing these samples with Hip Hop, Electronic, as well as Cross Genre beatmakers in his thoughts.

Package Specs:

Price $24.99 USD

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