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Analog Rytm Straight 808

Aug 04, 2014No Comments

Elektron just announced an 808 sample kit for the Analog Rytm called “Straight 808“. Goldbaby did the recordings and the Straight 808 kit is made strictly for the Analog Rytm. Sorry but this is not a kit

The Synth Immaculate 3

Check Out The Synth Immaculate 3

Jun 26, 2014No Comments

MSXII team is back at it again with a 3rd limited edition of The Synth Immaculate 3. The Synth Immaculate 3 is following the footsteps of its predecessors and delivering the classic synth sounds from yesteryear. Don’t

Pure Protein Vol 3

Pure Protein Kit Vol 3 Is Available

Jun 16, 2014No Comments

Beat Butcha is back with a new kit called Pure Proten Kit Vol 3. The drums from the last two kits were amazing and I believe this new kit will be just as good or better. Sometimes

Kev Brown

Kev Brown Flips MSXII Soulful Stems

Jun 16, 2014No Comments

As you guys know, I’ve been down with the MSXII team for quite awhile now promoting they’re awesome sample kits. The latest news from the guys threw me for a loop in a good way. MSXII teamed

Reverse Engineer By Djay Cas

Jun 10, 2014No Comments

The Producers Choice is one of my favorite affiliates because they always put out quality kits. They don’t release multiple kits at the same time because they make sure those kits are good and worth the purchase.

Jungle Kit

MSXII Releases The Jungle Kit

Jun 09, 2014No Comments

My buddies at MSXII released another kit called The Jungle Kit. MSX has been busy lately putting out quality kits and no recycled garbage like some that I don’t care to mention. They have a solid rep

The Infamous Kit Vol 3

The Infamous Kit Vol. 3 Is Out

May 09, 2014No Comments

Havoc from Mobb Deep delivers his newest kit for the masses called The Infamous Kit Vol. 3. If you not familiar with Havoc then you must be living under a rock with no access to the modern

analog bits

Drum Broker Reveals Analog Bits

May 06, 2014No Comments

The Drum Broker has been on the roll lately with Sample Kits. The newest addition is called Analog Bits and all the samples are 12 Bit giving a beat maker access to grudgy sounds that were popular

336 Kit V2

Sean Divine 336 Drum Kit Vol 2 Out Now

May 01, 2014No Comments

Sean Divine blessed us with a new kit called “336 Drum Kit Vol 2“. If you looking from new drum samples to add to your collection, give this kit a try. I only promote quality kits so

The Sammich Kit 2

MSXII Reveals The Sammich Kit 2

Apr 28, 2014No Comments

MSXII has a strong track record making quality kits and they haven’t missed a step with they’re latest release “The Sammich Kit 2“.  If you loved the previous Sammich Kit, this new kit should keep you satisfied.