Kev Brown Flips MSXII Soulful Stems

Kev Brown Flips MSXII Soulful Stems

Kev Brown

As you guys know, I’ve been down with the MSXII team for quite awhile now promoting they’re awesome sample kits. The latest news from the guys threw me for a loop in a good way. MSXII teamed up with to bring an exclusive behind the scenes video of my personal favorite beatmaker Kev Brown. Kev Brown flipped samples from “The Soulful Stems” sample kit with ease making a classic. He got the drums and everything else from Soulful Stems and gave it his signature sound and made an awesome beat. This behind scenes video is a testament of the great samples MSXII creates. If you were on the fence about the purchasing they’re kits, watch the video and be ready to buy. Find out more about “The Soulful Stems”.

The Soulful Stems

And yet again, MSXII proudly delivers with their most anticipated sample pack to this day! The Soulful Stems is vibrant variety of abundant, cozy, classic structures mixed with the tempo and groove of the golden era soul music. Live drums, analog synthesizer, body organ, Fender Rhodes, live bass, and more elegance this package so good. The 161 sample pack flaunts nothing but that “feel.” MSXII Audio thoroughly recorded each tool through timeless Neve analog hardware to obtain a sound that’s been copied, replicated, and reproduced. However, exactly what separates this package from the others is it’s authenticity. If your production does not have that “feel, groove, or soul”, this unbelievable collection will definitely acquire you to go in the appropriate direction. When you recognize better, you decide on far better.

$39.99 Be sure to add SONIC BOOM at checkout.

Download The Soulful Stems


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