SCI-FI – MOMENTUM: Transform Your Productions

Sci-Fi Momentum

BOOM Library, a renowned developer of state-of-the-art music production tools, is thrilled to unveil SCI-FI – MOMENTUM, the definitive sound effects library tailored for science fiction-based sound design. With its extensive range of futuristic sounds and unparalleled authenticity, SCI-FI – MOMENTUM is poised to revolutionize sci-fi soundscapes in films, TV series, video games, and more. […]

BOOM Library Mutate Organic Is Out Now

Mutate-Organic-Bundle-a-Sound-Effects-BOOM-Library (1)

January 19, 2021, Mainz, Germany – BOOM Library delivers MUTATE ORGANIC sound FX library highlighting biological mutation sound FX. These make ready mutation sounds manifest before our interior eyes. These unfolding, deforming and mangling sounds were recorded using different experimentation techniques on our enormous array of synths with organic, mineral matter and prop. The library […]

Check Out BOOM Library DeBird


(December 16th, 2019, Mainz, Germany) – BOOM Library, producer of high-quality sound effects and audio tools, released their brand-new automated bird noise removal tool DeBird. DeBird automatically recognizes bird noises in audio recordings and removes them with a single click. It works as a standalone application without a host DAW or NLE. Conventional Removing Of […]

Adding Sub Bass With Enforcer (Review)


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] The key to making a solid Hip Hop track is the kick drum which is the heart of any Hip Hop beat. Many producers search for the right kick and snares to complete a song but sometimes the drum library you’re using can be lacking strong kicks and less inspiring drums. Well, Boom […]