Sci-Fi Momentum

BOOM Library, a renowned developer of state-of-the-art music production tools, is thrilled to unveil SCI-FI – MOMENTUM, the definitive sound effects library tailored for science fiction-based sound design. With its extensive range of futuristic sounds and unparalleled authenticity, SCI-FI – MOMENTUM is poised to revolutionize sci-fi soundscapes in films, TV series, video games, and more.

“In SCI-FI – MOMENTUM, we have set a new benchmark in high-quality sound production,” stated Benjamin Drumeaux, the lead sound designer behind this remarkable collection. “What sets this library apart is the abundance of organic sounds in the Construction Kit. We have also dedicated significant time to crafting synth patches that deliver exceptional sound quality. Our team has invested tremendous effort in processing and designing inspiring and distinctive sounds that are truly unprecedented.”

SCI-FI MOMENTUM encompasses a vast array of extraordinary sounds, ranging from the thunderous roars of starship engines to the mesmerizing timewarps, whirs of hovering drones, and electrifying energy impacts.

“One of the most challenging aspects was processing the sounds in a manner that ensured they remained captivating and avoided sounding cheap or cliché,” explained Drumeaux. “Working with synths can often be associated with a rawness or inexpensive quality. To overcome this, we dedicated considerable time to creating movement and organic sounds while steering clear of these common pitfalls.”

SCI-FI MOMENTUM is available in two editions: the Construction Kit and the Designed pack. The Construction Kit offers a robust foundation of authentic source recordings supplemented with synthesized elements, while the Designed pack provides ready-to-use, high-quality effects for seamless integration into projects. For those seeking the best of both worlds, the Bundle combines both editions at a discounted price.

Discover the limitless possibilities of sound design with SCI-FI – MOMENTUM. Elevate your science fiction projects to new heights of creativity and immerse your audience in captivating sonic worlds.

About BOOM Library:
BOOM Library is a leading developer of cutting-edge music production tools, specializing in high-quality sound effects libraries for various genres and applications. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, BOOM Library continues to push boundaries in the realm of sound design, empowering creators worldwide to bring their visions to life through immersive and evocative audio experiences.

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