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The key to making a solid Hip Hop track is the kick drum which is the heart of any Hip Hop beat. Many producers search for the right kick and snares to complete a song but sometimes the drum library you’re using can be lacking strong kicks and less inspiring drums. Well, Boom Library is here to rescue the weary with their new kick drum designer called Enforcer. This plugin packs a punch and I had the pleasure to review it so read more below.

What Is It?

Enforcer is a kick drum designer that can be triggered by your source audio material. Therefore it becomes convenient as well as simple to add sub-bass to existing percussive audio sounds. Increase the subs to add weight or exchange kick drum tails and also tune them conveniently making use of semitones or totally change sounds. It also has a dynamics section which you can make use of to clean up low frequencies or make room for the hefty bass ahead.

The main component to me from the Enforcer is the Detect and Trigger Filter. With the ability to pick out kicks in a drum loop and adding sub bass to that sound is a great way to beef things up. The Threshold sets the value when the Enforcer is triggered and it also knows exactly how long it needs to wait to get triggered once more. The Threshold lets you zero in on the kick in the waveform and add sub-bass only to the kick and nothing else. The Pitch and Amplitude section lets you adjust the pitch of the sub-bass so it matches the tone of kick source. In the Oscillator section, there is a way to control the color of the sub-bass and adjust the attack and release of it. The plugin makes it easy for you to add sub-bass to kicks and help with the creative process.


Enforcer has all the tools to simply dial in some subs for lackluster kick drums and it does an awesome job at that. In a mix, this plugin will help engineers struggling to add some bottom end to get the final result they’re looking for. One of the cons of this product is trying to get it to work inside of Akai’s MPC Software 2.1. For some strange reason every time I engaged the plugin, it produces a buzzing and low rumble sound inside MPC Software. I was able to get Enforcer to work in Logic Pro X flawlessly and I’m also inclined to think it should work in most DAWs. Even with the minor issues I highly suggest musicians get their hands on this tool which I feel is essential for Hip Hop and Dance genres.

Price €99,00

Buy here.

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2 Responses

  1. We’re sorry to hear that Enforcer doesn’t work properly in MPC Software 2.1. Sadly it appears to be something that has to be fixed by Akai. Here is what’s happening: Enforcer generates MIDI notes when it’s being triggered. Apparently MPC Software sends those MIDI notes back into the plugin itself, which in turn triggers again. This results in a feedback loop, causing the “buzzing” noise. We contacted Akai about the issue and we’re working on a solution.
    Thanks for reviewing Enforcer!

    your BOOM Library team

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