Prophet 08 Is a Bestseller for DSI

DSI Prophet 08

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Dave Smith is a pioneer in the Analog synthesizer arena and he just announced that the Prophet 08 Synth is a bestseller for his company Dave Smith Instruments. If you haven’t had a chance to hear the Prophet 08, you should take the time and find out. Read more below.

In 2013, sales of Dave Smith Instruments’ acclaimed Prophet ’08 eight-voice analog synthesizer was above all previous years, with the exception of its inaugural year.

“The Prophet ’08 has been a regular seller for us given that it was made available in 2007,” says Dave Smith. A tool ought to be intuitive and inspiring in 2, 5, ten, or twenty years, and not obsolete. There shouldn’t be a different criterion for digital tools compared to acoustic instruments in that regard.”

As an eight-voice synthesizer keyboard with an analog signal path; four-on-four divides and layers; 16 x 4 gated action sequencer; and a full-size, 61-note, semi-weighted key-board, the Prophet ’08 marked a turning point for Dave Smith Instruments and helped Smith hire his first 2 employees to aid relocating the company and its increasing line of remarkable tools forward. Anybody with a understanding of synthesizer past can barely ignore the innovative individual responsible for the transcendent Prophet-5, the globe’s first programmable polyphonic synthesizer back in 1978, as well as playing a pivotal part as the driving pressure behind MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), had actually delivered the distinguished Prophet name today.

As a direct spin-off of the Prophet-5, the Prophet ’08 keyboard and its 2008-launched space-saving tabletop (and rack-mountable) module equivalent (that could be made use of an expander to enhance the polyphony of an additional Prophet ’08 keyboard or component to 16 voices) are both efficient in recreating the still-sought-after sounds of their fabulous forefather. Both boast modern-day attributes like a increased modulation matrix and added modulation sources such as three envelopes and four LFOs per voice that take them beyond vintage tools as one-of-a-kind and equally deserving additions to the Prophet household tree.

Dave Smith said “In 1978, I never ever pictured people playing my instruments 35 years later. I simply like to make fantastic synths. Yet the fact is, if a tool appears excellent and welcomes interaction with the player, it will continuously motivate creativity.”

Creativity is undoubtedly priceless, yet six years after its inauguration, and revealing no indicators of decelerating, the Prophet ’08 still stands for remarkable worth and remains to make music waves worldwide.

Prophet 08 Keyboard:
Price $2,309.00 USD

Prophet 08 Module:
Price $1,699.00 USD

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