Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Module Is Out

DSI Prophet 12 Module

If you don’t know what the Prophet 12 module is, you’re required to find out. The Prophet 12 Module has 12 voices of sonic bliss you can have at your finger-tips connecting your favorite controller with simple editing using LCD display. Why sample records when you can play something on the Prophet 12 Module and develop your very own sounds?

Dave Smith Instruments announced the Prophet 12 module in the 4th Quarter of 2013 and they even showed it off at NAMM 2014. Dave Smith makes the best sounding synths and folks love the beats I make with my Mopho so I can just imagine what the Prophet 12 Module would sound like. Having a Prophet 12 Module with 12 Voices is all I need to keep me going. Remember its Large sibling the Prophet 12 Key-board has all the knobs to control all the parameters. The Prophet 12 Module has a simple method like the keyboard version yet modifying is confined to LCD display which looks awesome so don’t let that throw you off. Find out more below.

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 module based on front runner polysynth is available

Premier polyphonic synthesizer maker Dave Smith Instruments is honored to reveal its Prophet 12 module space-saving tabletop and rack-ready reworking of its 2013 NAMM Show-launched Prophet 12 keyboard, the twelve-voice hybrid synthesizer that the creator and prominent designer Dave Smith duly proclaimed his “finest synth” is now shipping.

“We have had many requests from professional musicians for a little, easily mobile version of the Prophet 12 keyboard, with just the same features and amazing sound,” claims Smith. “The Prophet 12 module is just that: it has all the power of the Prophet 12 key-board as a matter of fact, it has the specific very same voice board and it matches a knapsack.”

All those highly effective Prophet 12 module criteria are conveniently editable through a well-thought-through front panel perfectly suit for objective. The Prophet 12 module provides a sleek layout that still offers you simple and astonishingly quick and user-friendly control over all criteria.”.

DSI Prophet 12 Module

Simply like its Prophet 12 keyboard version, the 12 voice hybrid Prophet 12 module not simply flaunts the best number of voices of any kind of tool from the prominent developer to date, however each of those voices features 4 OSCILLATORS efficient in creating complicated and timeless waveforms, a sub-oscillator (Sub Octave), filters, and analog VC AMPLIFIER. Extra features feature a tuned FEEDBACK course, a four-tap stereo DELAY, expanded ARP functionality, deep MOD capabilities, and a lot more. The CHARACTER section includes a selection of unusual wave-shaping and sound-sculpting options like Girth (low rack filtering that improves low frequencies, with some extra harmonic alteration at greater environments), Air (higher rack filtering system that increases higher regularities, with some additional harmonic alteration at higher setups), Hack (reduces the little bit depth of the mixed output from the oscillators), Decimation (minimizes the sample rate of the mixed output from the oscillators), and Drive (emulates tape saturation).

Regardless of its relatively diminutive measurements, the back panel I/O of the Prophet 12 module matches that of the Prophet 12 keyboard in nearly all aspects apart from featuring an external energy supply in the interests of making it as sleek and mobile as possible. Headsets, Main/A Outputs, B Outputs, MIDI Through, MIDI In & Out, Pedal 1 & 2, Sustain, and USB port are all existing and in place, making musical communication with the outdoors a snap.

Price $2,199.00 US




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