Akai MPC Software 1.6 is Out

MPC Software 1.6

Akai just released MPC Software 1.6 with bug fixes and new enhancements. Now you can do fine sample edits on the Renaissance/Studio controller LCD screen. If you a true MPC head you should already have Renaissance or Studio in the lab already. If not, I feel sorry for you and your kind who haven’t realized the potential of the MPC Software. With this update I didn’t see a laundry list of fixes or updates but Akai claims MPC Software has 300+ enhancements. I wish I knew what all those enhancements are.

Some of you may be aware of the MPC Element released a few months ago which is running MPC Essentials Software. MPC Essentials is a striped down version of the MPC Software. You can use the full version of the MPC Software with MPC Element but you need to have MPC Renaissance or MPC Studio already. The only way to unlock MPC Software is to have Ren or Studio in your possession. Akai is keeping hackers at bay so you can forget trying to get around not having the Ren or Studio.

Mac users who haven’t upgraded from Snow Leopard will be disappointed because the latest MPC Software 1.6 only works with Mac OS 10.7 and up. Well, at least you don’t have to upgrade to Maverick since the MPC Software will work with Lion and Mountain Lion. Actually, Apple has Mountain Lion for sale for $20. I suggest you backup your data and upgrade to Mountain Lion. Currently I’m scared to upgrade to Maverick because of the iOS 7 shenanigans with older iPads plus from what I understand Apple really made significant changes to the Mac OS with Maverick. The newest computers Apple released are built to work with Maverick flawlessly. Some people with older Apple computers complained of poor performance with Maverick. Whatever you do please backup your data. Looks like I will have to upgrade myself because I have to keep up with the technology for my line of work. Windows 7 users are fine.

Version 1.6 (November 2013)

Akai Professional is continually updating and enhancing the MPC experience.

New features
◾ List Editor: Provides a GUI and LCD-based event editing interface for fine-tuning event lists. Click the GUI list toolbar icon to switch between grid or list view. SHIFT- press STEP SEQ to enter the LCD list editor.
◾ Note length quantize: adjusts the position of the note ends, or make notes play legato.
◾ New editor scrolling behaviour: toolbar buttons toggles between scroll modes: Off, Page, Scroll.
◾ Added MIDI control mode layouts for pad chromatic scale layout/ !
◾ Bugfixes and stability enhancements.

Find out more: http://akaipro.com



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  1. Peace Nick. Well, the MPC Renaissance and Maschine Studio has been a big topic of debate since Akai stepped into the software world. Currently the MPC Software is more stable compared to when it was first released. I actually use the Ren as my main sampler/sequencer now and I’m happy with it. As far as dropping the Maschine for the Ren I think you should carefully consider what you want before taking the plunge. The Maschine has been on the market longer and currently is rock solid. Akai is catching up but one thing NI got over Akai is their vst synths. Akai synth plugins suck major. Aside from that, I can’t see the Maschine out doing the MPC Software with timing. The timing is rock solid just like previous MPCs before it. If you wanted to get a Ren, Studio of Element, you should be happy. I think Akai got a handle on the MPC Software plus they are constantly updating it. To be honest, I only spent a limited time on a Maschine so I can’t judge it fully. The learning curve is different from MPCs. Since you used a MPC before, using a Ren or Studio should be a walk in the park. Just so you know, some of my readers have had great experiences with Ren and some have not. I’m not sure why some people have problems but for me I have not seen any problems since updating to MPC Software 1.5 and beyond. One reader in particular kept complaining that his MPC Software was crashing so he sold his Ren and now is using a MV 8800. I know that seems like a step backwards but he’s happy now. I think it comes down to preference at this point. The Renaissance gives me everything I could want in a MPC and more. The Maschine Studio does look like a beast but I’m good with Ren. 1.7 will be coming out eventually so I’m sure MPC Software will be more solid. Hope I could help.

  2. J love the site bro good job and good article here. My situation is this, I am a maschine user who originally learned the arts on a 1k. I switched to maschine and fell in love with seeing everything on a computer screen, ease of use, and no more memory restrictions. I wanted to wait a bit until Akai got the software right and I feel like it is almost there. At this point tho do u feel like NI is way too far ahead for akai to catch up? Idk if you have tinkered with the new maschine studio shit is serious. The drum synths on there are sick. I am not a maschine fanboy by any means I loved the timing and sequencer and workflow on my 1k. I want to return the MPC but every head I talk to says how much better the maschine software is, how much more organized it is, and how at this point on the Renn u still cant even duplicate a pad and tweak one without the other being effected. Whats your insight on this? thanks fam. Peace

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