XILS-lab Releases XILS 4 Matrix Modular


XILS-Lab brings the heat with XILS 4. If you’ve been looking for a software analog modular synth, XILS 4 might be what you’re looking for. XILS is a software emulation of the VCS4 made in 1969 that was never released. You can get it now. Read more below.

XILS LabGRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software firm XILS-lab is happy to reveal accessibility of XILS 4— a real software emulation of the fabulous VCS4, a ‘dual VCS3’ analog matrix modular synthesizer prototyped by EMS back in 1969, but never ever commercially launched– as of May 19 …

EMS (Electronic Music Studios), a British company established by the pioneering Peter Zinovieff, made music history in 1969 with its intro of the VCS3, the initial mobile synthesizer commercially readily available throughout the globe. Its state of the art modular matrix-based patchboard done without the telephone exchange-like cabling of various other (a lot bigger) modular devices in favor of making connections with (detachable) tinted pins, so maybe conveniently housed in a small wood (solid afrormosia) cupboard.

Obviously, the (hello there)story of the EMS VCS3 is well recorded, with XILS-lab later playing its component in resurrecting its still-sought-after sound with its prize-winning and cost-conscious XILS 3 software emulation for Mac (OS X 10.4 and over) and PC (windows 7, Vista, and XP) showing preferred with both new buyers starting a wonderfully thorough journey into the remarkable world of modular synthesis and also experienced synth explorers, including popular sound designer Richard Devine and original VCS3 enthusiast Tim Blake (Hawkwind), and even Peter Zinovieff himself, which commented kindly: “A wonderful step forward!”.


Not so well documented, though, is the stuff of legend: the 1969-vintage VCS4 was EMS developer David Cockerell’s alleged ‘Live Efficiency Module’, comprising 2 VCS3s rested alongside, along with a five-octave keyboard, a signal-processing, and a mixer all housed in a solitary wood cabinet. Just one prototype was ever produced, its ear-opening noises shed in the sands of time … till now, that is!

By being based upon 2 detailed and connecting VCS3 (‘Synthi’) cores– adhering to in the fanciful footsteps of its one-off analog predecessor to a tee, XILS-lab’s XILS 4 emulates EMS’ VCS4. Definitely, those two cores could be readied to function side by side or run in serial (with one supplying the various other). Each component on one side can be utilized to modulate or feed anything on the various other side with spectacular sound probabilities plus odd and terrific effects conveniently available in wealth as a direct outcome. That claimed, XILS 4 reveals its real 21st Century colors by additionally permitting amount environments to be separately put on each area ‘pin’. Supplying patch-board power par quality to an already unique soft synth reveals that there is plainly so a lot more to XILS 4 compared to entirely imitating classic hardware– unusual as the vintage equipment in question clearly is. Baby marvel, then, that XILS 4 is billed by its creator as being the Ultimate Analog Matrix Modular Synthesizer!

ILS 4 is available to acquire as an eLicenser or iLok copy-protected digital instrument for an initial reduced rate of EUR149.00 EUR (increasing to EUR179.00 EUR on June 17, 2014) from the XILS-lab internet store here: http://www.xils-lab.com/pages/STORE.html (Keep in mind that this time-limited offer likewise consists of the XILISTICS sound bank with 160-plus presets worth EUR25.00 EUR, plus a free of cost USB-eLicenser copy-protection dongle!).

XILS 3 owners could update to XILS 4 for an introductory rate of EUR29.00 EUR (increasing to EUR49.00 EUR on June 17, 2014). XILS 4 can be directly downloaded and install as a 32- and 64-bit-compatible online tool and effects plug-in for Mac (AAX, AU, RTAS, VST) and Windows (AAX, RTAS, VST) away: http://www.xils-lab.com/pages/XILS4_Download.html.



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