Use Your Photos to Make Music with VOSIS


If you’re a iOS device user you should be excited with all the new apps being released. I’m not sure VOSIS is a app for professionals but I’m sure you can incorporate the app into your productions. I’m starting to use more iOS apps in my productions and featuring more info about apps on Sonic Boom Bap. I’m sure you will get a kick out of VOSIS. Read more below.

Designer Ryan McGee has launched a brand-new sound style app for iOS called VOSIS that manufactures sound based on the greyscale photo pixel information from images or live video clip input. VOSIS is an interactive picture sonification user interface that develops intricate wavetables by raster scanning greyscale photo pixel information.

Using a multi-touch screen to play photo regions of unique content instead of a direct scale of frequencies, VOSIS turns your iPad into a special performance device for experimental and aesthetic songs. A number of image filters managed by multi-touch actions add variation to the sound combination. On a mobile tool, specifications managed by the accelerometer add an additional layer of expressivity to the resulting audio-visual montages. There are 2 ways to develop the effects in VOSIS and that’s by using pictures in your Cam Roll or by performing real-time analysis of live video clip from your tool’s iSight or FaceTime video camera.

Merely select a part of the image and drag 2 fingers up/down or left/right to alter filter values to generate various waveforms. The program utilizes synthesis of greyscale picture pixel information to develop great background FX. Several of VOSIS features use stereo panning relying on horizontal picture position which can use low-pass and high-pass filters. Also VOSIS uses a Lexicon emulation reverb mix and decay with frequency modulation by method of reading accelerometer sensor values.

VOSIS is capable of six-voice polyphony and could output your visual song to external projectors.

Price $1.99

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