The F-You's Debut Their Sophomore Album F U 2

The F-You’s Debut Their Sophomore Album F U 2

The F-You’s unveiled their new full-length instrumental F U 2 today in partnership with Beatmonstas Entertainment. F U 2 is a humorous 12 track beat album that’s slinging grimy beats along with a tune featuring vocals from the late Chicago rapper Henny B. With this record the duo blend humor with grimy beats, a sound that has got them attention because their 1st album and refined it, resulting in arguably their strongest album to date. It is possible to stream or buy the album on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, etc..

The F-You's
The F-You’s

F U 2 is built around the ole saying using the middle finger with beats as the catalysts. It marks a new chapter for the duo, as the first release on the boutique record label Beatmonstas Entertainment, and functions as a boom-bap ode to the F word. The F-You’s includes Therapy Beats (Half Moon Science) along with the infamous (Waffle King) Awdazcate because they continue to keep The F-You’s tradition living with a big middle finger! ) They create beats with a feeling of humor.

Henny B
Henny B


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