The Best Top 5 iOS Music Instrument Apps

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The best top 5 iOS Music Instruments apps is something many blogs cover but I wanted to through my 2 cents in. There are many apps to choose from but only a few are worth it. I’ve found hundreds of apps but narrowed my choices down to 5. This is just my opinion so bare with me.


1. Moog Animoog – My all time favorite app to use is the Animoog. Moog put so much attention into the sound that it rivals many hardware synths and plugins. And when I say hardware synths, I mean the ones that do virtual analog or some PCM Rom player. This app gets a thumbs up from me so grab it. I was fortunate to get it for 99 cents.
Get it here: Animoog


2. Korg iPolysix – This app is impressive to say the least. The sound is amazing. The app has a pattern sequencer. You can have two tones of synths going. The sound and quality is top notch. It can put some computer plugins to shame. Absolutely worth grabbing.
$14.99 at the moment
Get it here: iPolysix

Beatmaker 2

3. Beatmaker 2 – You know this is may passion. Beatmaking is something I do constantly and this is what my blog is about. Beatmaker 2 has come a long way from its humble beginnings. I purchased Beatmaker 1 on my iPhone years ago and loved the concept but now Intua has almost perfected Beatmaker 2. Now I won’t say Beatmaker 2 rivals other samplers but its perfect for getting sketches done. It’s perfectly capable to do everything you would expect a MPC to do. It just missing one core feature to make it perfect. Drum Layering. If Intua adds this, Beatmaker 2 would be the King of sampler apps. It still won’t destroy a MPC but with some skill, you can get it to sound close. This is worth getting.
Get it here: Beatmaker 2


4. Sunrizer – Sunrizer reminds me of a Roland JP 8000 synth released in the late 90s. Back then I think Roland made the best virtual Analog synths at the time. I couldn’t afford one but every time I visited a Guitar Center, I could never take my hands off of one. Now I get the sounds of a JP 8000 on my iPad.
Get it here: Sunrizer


5. Magellan – The app is pretty good. I kind of use this for filler sounds. You get some workable sounds and tweak ability. This app gets used quite often and it’s awesome. Grab it.
Get it here: Magellan

Well there you have it. These are the best to me but I’m sure many will have different opinions. If you haven’t tried them out, I suggest you do.



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