iCON Pro Audio Cocoon and Martian

Icon Pro Audio Shoot at Plymouth Rock Recording Company in Plymouth, MI on October 11th 2020 photo by Marc Nader

  NASHVILLE, TN, USA: superior, expert musical device provider iCON Pro Audio is happy to reveal the availability of Cocoon and Martian — creating an amazing fusion of vintage-sounding purity with audacious, most galactic design as the two large-diaphragm condenser microphone launches will introduce its Space series — as of January 21… Cocoon has a […]

iCON Pro Audio QCon Pro G2 & QCon Ex G2


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] iCON Pro Audio has two new control surfaces available for most DAW users called QCon Pro G2 & QCon Ex G2. Control surfaces can make life easy if you’re working out of the box. Read more below. NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES: high-grade, equipment supplier iCON Pro Audio is proud to reveal accessibility of […]