iCON Pro Audio Cocoon and Martian

Icon Pro Audio Shoot at Plymouth Rock Recording Company in Plymouth, MI on October 11th 2020 photo by Marc Nader


NASHVILLE, TN, USA: superior, expert musical device provider iCON Pro Audio is happy to reveal the availability of Cocoon and Martian — creating an amazing fusion of vintage-sounding purity with audacious, most galactic design as the two large-diaphragm condenser microphone launches will introduce its Space series — as of January 21…

Cocoon has a true electrostatic Golden DropTM transducer inside its capsule construction. A stammer approach where a accurately engineered pattern of golden dots is dispersed, this inventive technology grants Cocoon’s 33 mm (active) diameter diaphragm to move with sharp exactness for heightened distinctness, while at the same time reducing any coloring or warping with the transducer which is the part of the microphone that picks up and converts the sound waves! The ultralight membrane is made with pure 999 gold.

Icon Pro Audio Shoot at Plymouth Rock Recording Company in Plymouth, MI on October 11th 2020 photo by Marc Nader

Martian is iCON Pro Audio second member in its Space array of large-diaphragm condenser microphones. Though the relative kinship to his cocoon-shaped kin might not be tangibly obvious at first look, encased inside the revolving head is a shock-mounted capsule with an electrostatic Golden DropTM transducer made of pure 999 gold, granting the 26mm (active) diameter diaphragm to move more faster for stunning detail and transparency.

Cocoon and Martian will begin shipping through iCON Pro Audio’s growing global network of dealers/distributors (https://iconproaudio.com/distributors/) in Q2 2021 with a price of $499.00 USD and $699.00 USD.

Cocoon: https://iconproaudio.com/product/cocoon/

Martian: https://iconproaudio.com/product/martian/



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