Eventide QVox Diatonic Pitch Shifter for iOS is Out


LITTLE FERRY, NJ, USA — December 12, 2019: Eventide is proud to release QVox for iOS, an inspirational sound effect featuring four voices of diatonic pitch shifting and delay. Mobile music enthusiasts can add rhythmic textures to guitars, morph drums into exciting new patterns, widen instruments, and create unique harmonies on vocals. Whether you are […]

H9 Harmonizer Has Android App Now!


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] If you got a H9 Harmonizer in your arsenal you can control it with a Andriod App specifically made for the H9. Download it and see what its like! Read more below. Eventide introduces accessibility of highly-anticipated H9 Control as Android App for H9 Harmonizer ® Effects CPU LITTLE FERRYBOAT, NJ, USA: recording […]

Check Out MangledVerb


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Eventide makes the best effects on the planet and now you can check out their newest plug-in called MangledVerb. If you’re looking for a cool reverb plug-in, don’t sleep on this!. Read more below. LITTLE FERRYBOAT, NJ, UNITED STATES: recording modern technology trailblazer Eventide is honored to reveal the availability of its MangledVerb […]

Eventide Showing Off H9000 Processor


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Be on the lookout for Eventide new processor called H9000 being shown off at AES. Limited quantities are available for now. Read more below. LITTLE FERRY, NJ, U.S.A: recording technology trendsetter Eventide is proud to be showing the H9000– an all-new network-ready, 16-DSP, multi-channel, rackmount audio FX processing flagship, including eight times the […]

Get Cool Effects With FISSION


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Are you in the market for a new effects plugin? Take some time to check out FISSION from Eventide that has the patent pending STRUCTURAL EFFECTS. Read more below. LITTLE FERRY, NJ, U.S.A: recording modern technology trendsetter Eventide reveals a brand-new plug-in by happily announcing the release of FISSION– the first product to […]