Eventide makes the best effects on the planet and now you can check out their newest plug-in called MangledVerb. If you’re looking for a cool reverb plug-in, don’t sleep on this!. Read more below.

LITTLE FERRYBOAT, NJ, UNITED STATES: recording modern technology trailblazer Eventide is honored to reveal the availability of its MangledVerb reverb plug-in as the recent addition in its H9 Signature Series as of November 14 …

MangledVerb combines reverb as well as distortion, supplying power to produce one-of-a-kind spaces packed with charm or drenched in mayhem, with full control over all the aspects. Eventide has repurposed MangledVerb for anybody working in the DAW by following in the footsteps of the very first H9 Signature Series plug-in, UltraTap, drawing from some of the most prominent and also effective algorithms from its acclaimed H9 Harmonizer ® Effects Processor stompbox. In a similar way, MangledVerb makes a signature effect originally made popular in its rack mount Eclipse Harmonizer ® Effects Processor available as a namesake new plug-in.

Created for real-time control, MangledVerb features The Ribbon, an ingenious control that enables anyone to program two settings for any type of controls to change between them. The programmable HOTSWITCH helps push creative juices further still by making it possible for user to immediately leap to a different setting at the press of a button. Various other controls include PRE DELAY, reverb DECAY time and also enclosure SIZE, OVERDRIVE, and pre- distortion (post-reverb) equalization, as well as an exclusive WOBBLE parameter. This combo of controls is intended to make MangledVerb as close as possible to the experience of tweaking actual hardware.

Intro Price of $49.00 USD until November 30, 2017 (rising to an MSRP of $79.00 USD thereafter)

Buy here.



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