accusonus Mouth De-Clicker Review


I enjoyed reviewing the newest plug-in included in accusonus ERA 5.2 update called Mouth DeClicker. Mouth De-Clicker is a plug-in that detects and removes those annoying sounds from vocals. The noises the plug-in removes are mouth clicks, saliva crackles, and lip smacks. Based on the patented accusonus algorithms, Mouth De-Clicker allows for fast and efficient […]

Accusonus ERA 5.2 With New Mouth De-Clicking Feature

ERA Bundle

Accusonus reveals ERA 5.2, the current formation of their audio restoration package. By creating the scope of tools the ERA bundle has to give, recent and current users alike can now polish, edit, and clean up their audio, in a fast and more productive way than previously before. The newest addon is Mouth De-Clicking. Mouth […]