SPL Microplug

Plugin Alliance announced three new different plugins called SPL Microplugs. If you looking for some cool effects, take a look at SPL Microplugs. Read more below.

SANTA CRUZ, CA, U.S.A: Plugin Alliance, supporting all major plugin formats and also unifying some of the best-known international audio companies under one digital roof, is proud to announce the release of SPL’s Attacker Plus also, De-Verb Plus, and Mo-Verb Plus — better and also new variations of 3 must-have Microplugs created by founding Plugin Alliance development relationship Brainworx in close partnership with SPL, respected worldwide for its cutting-edge and easy to use technique to develop and manufacturing analog and digital audio gear for the music, movie, multimedia, and broadcasting markets since 1984– since March 13 …

The Attacker Plus Microplug offers part of the very same spectacular envelope shaping provided by SPL’s treasured Transient Designer equipment, hitting a home run with software fanatics by replicating the edge as well as punch provided by the initial unit’s ATTACK knob. Certainly, it makes use of the exact same so-called Differential Envelope technology that changed dynamic handling with its level-independent technique. Going deeper, even though its ATTACK knob allows individuals to dial in all the transient punch needed, Attacker Plus also sporting soft peaking limiting (LIMIT) access and also a DRY/WET control, and able to offer overall flexibility throughout a wide range of product with worry-free process in the digital world. With over a decade of hardware modelling experience, Brainworx bestowed a core algorithm upon Attacker Plus and it extra carefully matches the actions of the Transient Designer equipment unlike ever before. Much better still, working with Attacker Plus could not be simpler– all attack events can be magnified despite signal level, yet such simpleness does not avoid relatively unlimited possibilities for studio and also live applications.

Attacker Plus ($99.00 USD), De-Verb Plus ($79.00 USD), and Mo-Verb Plus ($79.00 USD)



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