Songwriters Now Have Help with Temptress Plug-in


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Elephant Development Software made the announcement of a new songwriting tool called Temptress. Temptress can help a songwriter or producer come up with chord progressions and they can be synced with your DAWs tempo. You can run Temptress as a plug-in so it will easily integrate into your setup. Read more below.

Elephant Development Software is happy to reveal availability of its inaugural product in the alluring form of the Temptress plug-in. Temptress is providing motivation and contemporary music production components within an effective digital instrument for RTAS, VST, and AU-capable workstations since February 24.

Temptress has a new way for production and Song Writing. A matter of fact, Elephant Development Software put together a group of top songwriters and producers to create contemporary musical content while all at once skillfully crafting an interesting brand-new means to integrate chord progressions and musical phrases. Any musician can set their productions at any kind of tempo (using a cutting-edge industry-leading pitch shift and time-stretch engine) all in real-time, secured in host sequencer!


Temptress is fun and easy to use. The straightforward yet highly effective browser in the Temptress plug-in home window gives sneak peeks of the diverse music material in its ever-expanding library. It doesn’t matter if its pop, rock, hip-hop, dance or whatever drifts your musical watercraft with the significant (over 3GB) TEMPTRESS CORE collection that has hundreds of cues to get you squared away.

There is nothing to hide here. All tones used are from the latest and most-popular synths and sound libraries. Temptress even reveals which areas were made use of to make each cue.

Quite merely, Temptress is a driver for wonderful songwriting, along with a nearly limitless musical resource for production and remixes. Temptress equals your imagination as an inspiring production companion for any sort of modern-day music-making venture.

Price $149.00

For more info click here.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Vinny – Sorry for late reply. I’m not sure if Elephant is still in business or not. I wish I could help but I only do press and write reviews. I’m surprised they’re not getting back to you. I

  2. Hi guys,
    I love your site! Hope you can help me with this. I loved a vst plug in you featured called Elephant Temptress. No matter what I try I can’t seem to find this anywhere in existence. Did they go under? Have emailed them several times over several months and can’t see anything that says they are still in buisness.
    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Cheers. Vinny Nowell

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