Syn’X 2 v2.5 Upgrade Available Now

Syn'X 2.5

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: first available as Synthix back in 2011 before being relaunched to widespread critical acclaim in 2015 as Syn’X 2, audio software company XILS-lab is proud to announce availability of Syn’X 2 v2.5 — elevating its exciting- sounding subtractive synthesis polytimbral powerhouse to higher heights with a welcomed upgrade duly delivering several serious additions […]

Synergy Core from Antelope Audio

Synergy Core Effects

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA: trailblazing pro audio manufacturer Antelope Audio is proud to announce availability of COMP-4K-STRIP, COMP-4K-BUS, Marble White AutoWah, MES-432C, MG4, and Adaptive Vibrato — six new Synergy Core effects for use with its Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Discrete 8 Synergy Core, and Orion Studio Synergy Core, cutting-edge audio interfaces that work with […]

ToneSpot Voice Pro


BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC: having been busy throughout the year applying its innovative ToneSpot one-shot channel processing plug-in concept to quickly creating the perfect bass guitar tone (with the January 2019 release of ToneSpot Bass Pro), perfect-sounding stringed acoustic instruments (with the April 2019 release of ToneSpot Acoustic Pro), perfect-sounding percussion (with the June 2019 release […]

Check Out BOOM Library DeBird


(December 16th, 2019, Mainz, Germany) – BOOM Library, producer of high-quality sound effects and audio tools, released their brand-new automated bird noise removal tool DeBird. DeBird automatically recognizes bird noises in audio recordings and removes them with a single click. It works as a standalone application without a host DAW or NLE. Conventional Removing Of […]

Sitala Free Drum Sampler


December 4, 2019 – Christmas comes early this year! Musician and developer duo, Scott Wheeler and Lucijan Busch, a.k.a. Decomposer, have just released the latest update of their popular, FREE drum sampler instrument Sitala. Available for PC, MAC and Linux as standalone or VST and AU plugin format, Sitala’s beauty is its simplicity: six knobs […]

Antelope Audio Antares Auto-Tune Synergy

Auto-Tune Synergy

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA, OCTOBER 24, 2019: trailblazing pro audio manufacturer Antelope Audio is proud to welcome Antares Audio Technologies to its recently-announced Synergy Core signal processing platform. Synergy Core combines the phenomenal parallel computational capabilities of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) processing with industry-standard digital signal processing, as brought into play on the game-changing […]

Audified ToneSpot

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Audified ToneSpot is the newest processing plugin that can help shape the tone of your bass. I personally struggle with getting the bass to sound right in the mix and this tool could be the missing link. Read more below. BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC: host application and audio fx developer Audified is proud to […]

Loopmasters KHORDS Is Out

Loopmasters KHORDS

[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] Loopmasters KHORDS is the newest offering from the sampling giant and it’s available now. Play chords with ease with this cool plugin. Read more below. KHORDS is a focused tool that brings experienced individuality and traditional personality to your productions. With 550 inspiring chord presets within your reaches, it’s never ever been simpler […]

Arturia Pigments


[fresh_divider style=”dotted”] If you’re looking for a unique sounding synth, check out Arturia Pigments. You can try for free for 30 days. Read more below. Pigments is the most up to date software synthesizer from tool makers Arturia. Incorporating the best of both worlds, it includes hugely powerful, innovative wavetable synthesis together with their prize-winning […]

Check Out Accusonus ERA Bundle


Accusonus has a cool plugin bundle available called ERA to take the hassle away of processing sounds. The bundle has a Reverb Remover, De-Esser, and Plosive Eliminator. Read more below. The Enhancement and Reparing of Audio (ERA) Package is a collection of single-knob audio repair plugins that provide both fast and premium processing. These plugins […]