Plugin Alliance Accusonus Drumatom is Available

Plugin Alliance Accusonus Drumatom

If you looking for something to tighten up live drums and remove leakage, you might want to give Plugin Alliance Accusonus Drumatom a look. This program will work for studio engineers, musicians or sound designers. This might be a plus for my sample drum kit maker friends. By the way, this is not a plug-in. Read more below.

Plugin AllianceWILMINGTON, USA: having blown numerous music thoughts at last month’s 2014 NAMM Program in Anaheim, The golden state adhering to a successful beta-testing phase, American pro sound software application firm Plugin Alliance LLC is honored to reveal availability of Accusonus Drumatom, the world’s one and only microphone leak reductions tool for multichannel drum recordings as of February 25.

As a 64-bit standalone program for Mac (OS X 10.6.0 and later) and Windows (Windows XP, 7, or 8), Accusonus Drumatom appropriately stands for the first non-plug-in item to be launched by Plugin Alliance. Amazingly, as the world’s very first microphone leakage suppression tool for multichannel drum recordings, it recognizes the close microphone sound and minimizes microphone leakage, smartly integrating progressive principals of acoustics, signal handling, psychoacoustics, and music concept making use of patent-pending A3 (Advanced Audio Analysis) innovation by Greek Plugin Alliance companion firm Accusonus.

As if that wasn’t musically astonishing by itself, irrefutable benefits above and beyond set up production practices when putting Accusonus Drumatom through its unprecedented production speeds. For beginners, individuals can keep their initial drum audios intact, safeguarding the timbre and micro-dynamics without messing with ghost notes and off-beat sounds. Improved dynamic assortment and enhanced drum mix headroom allows Accusonus Drumatom and individuals to tweak those original sounds to fit while keeping clarity and definition throughout. The application’s enhanced audio output enable effects to be creatively put on original drum sounds without any leakage-imposed limitations. Likewise, by eliminating the comb filtering system result produced from time-domain misalignment in between various drum microphones, the timbre of cymbals and above mics is significantly improved with even more strike and enhanced short-term interpretation meaning better-sounding drums. Properly removing leakage from close microphones implies enhanced stereo imaging of cymbals and overheads that will allow sophisticated multi-channel mixes that would have been impossible to create years ago now a reality.

Essentially, Accusonus Drumatom competently helps any knowledgeable engineer in taking full advantage of studio, live recording or performance with minimum fuss and astonishing results!

Price $399.00

Buy here.

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