Ploytec Updates πλ2 MIDI & πλ2 Leukos

pl2 Leukos

Ploytec just updated the πλ2 MIDI & πλ2 Leukos firmware and they’re on display at Musikmesse 2015. The πλ2 MIDI & πλ2 Leukos are cool software controlled subtractive synthesis synths that can fit in the palm of your hand. Read more below.

SCHOPFHEIM, GERMANY: equipment and software application developer Ploytec is pleased to present its newest (V2.1) firmware upgrade for its πλ2 MIDI- and πλ2 Leukos USB-powered, super-small sized, software application editing-enabled duophonic synthesizers at Musikmesse 2015.

The synth world was, honestly aback by something so small sounding so huge when Ploytec’s ‘playful’ spirited πλ2 made its remarkable music launching last year. This MIDI-powered, super-small synthesizer– with a super-small size fit for fitting into the tiniest rooms– was soon joined up with its USB-powered, super-small brother or sister, πλ2 Leukos, seriously pleasing those with an hardware desire to make songs while on the go, wherever their inspiration could (literally) take them– with or without incomparably portable laptops or an Apple iPad– with Video camera Connection Package– in tow (though these are consistently valuable to have at hand to power πλ2 Leukos, of course).

pl2 modular

As indicated by their shared PI L Squared alternative appellation, πλ2 and πλ2 Leukos usually stick to the principals of subtractive synthesis, wherein the working waveform– bred by 2 square wave (pulse) oscillators– then travels through a modifiable– bandpass,lowpass and high-pass– digital filter phase to change the regularity range and/or raise resonance, if preferred. Digital filtering properly dispensed, an added analog lowpass filter follows also. In reality, an analog saturation phase at the output offers dynamic compression, adding a great bass punch to the sound– ideal for those that need to make some Boom!

Also, beneath those small black (πλ2) and also white (πλ2 Leukos) square-shaped exteriors– living in ideal harmony with Ploytec’s PI L Squared different appellation– lie a fantastic world of choices for additional sound-sculpting and also manipulative performance possibilities, like ADSR envelope, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) modulation, plus play modes to make songs performances much more exciting, whatever your musical preference are– LFO and also envelope speed synchronise immediately to an external MIDI clock, to both πλ2 and also πλ2.

Price €99.00

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