Plamen: Innovative Multi-Band Saturator by SounDevice Digital


PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: United Plugins, a federation of independent development teams, proudly introduces Plamen, a groundbreaking audio production tool created by SounDevice Digital. Designed to infuse audio productions with unparalleled warmth, richness, and creative versatility, Plamen is a robust plug-in empowering audio engineers, producers, and musicians to apply targeted saturation across multiple frequency bands. This innovative tool enables precise tonal sculpting, frequency balance, and sonic enhancement, and it is available for use starting from August 29…

Crafting Exquisite Saturation

At times, the distinction between a lackluster and captivating sound hinges on the art of saturation— not just its application level, but also its distinct character. Embracing the belief that each frequency band merits unique treatment, SounDevice Digital has engineered Plamen as a flexible multi-band saturator. This ingenious tool imparts distinct saturations to individual bands, leading to an equilibrium of tones, even when employed in parallel workflows.

Balancing Tones Across Five Bands

The energy levels of diverse audio frequency bands can vary significantly. Blanket saturation across the spectrum may result in an unbalanced audio output. Plamen by SounDevice Digital addresses this challenge by empowering users to selectively infuse warmth and harmonics into five adjustable frequency bands—ranging from BAND 1 to BAND 5. This approach, managed in different parallel levels, achieves harmonious and satisfying tonal qualities. Creatively, Plamen boasts five unique saturation types for each band, offering users the freedom to select the ideal color and character for their audio. The options encompass three classic analogue pre-amp models: BRITISH, AMERICAN, and GERMAN, in addition to tape saturation emulation (MAGNETIC) and clipping simulation (CLIP). The latter emulates the characteristic saturation, or distortion, synonymous with many beloved AD-driven input styles.

Empowering Control with Crossovers

To ensure precise control over saturated frequencies, Plamen incorporates four adaptable crossover points. This feature empowers users to define sub-bass, bass, low-mids, high-mids, and treble frequencies, tailoring saturation to their desired specifications.

Uncompromising Quality through Oversampling

Plamen rises above its competitors by offering 2x, 4x, and 8x OVERSAMPLING options, ensuring optimal precision and pristine audio quality. Oversampling eradicates undesirable artifacts and aliasing, leaving behind crystal-clear, professional-grade results.

Introducing Tape Wow Effect

For an added touch of uniqueness, Plamen includes a TAPE WOW effect that introduces a slow form of flutter, reminiscent of vintage tape recorders. This feature adds a distinctive “wow factor” to the audio production process.

The Cultural Context of Plamen

SounDevice Digital, a Czech software development team, aptly named its creation. “Plamen,” pronounced as “Plah-men,” translates to “flame” in Czech. The name signifies the element that brings warmth to everything. Some suggest that the plural form, “Plameny,” might better suit a multi-band plug-in.

Masterful Presets for Winning Results

Plamen’s meticulously designed presets come from the hands of audio professionals, including two-time Emmy Award-winning composer and producer Lars Deutsch, acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Zardonic, and GRAMMY Award®-nominated record producer Carmen Rizzo. Carmen Rizzo lauds Plamen’s uniqueness, labeling it as a hybrid EQ and saturation/distortion plug-in that achieves a distinctive sound without excessive dirt. This endorsement assures users that Plamen is a valuable tool for sound designers and producers aiming to experiment and create exceptional audio textures.

Key Attributes:

  • Selective addition of warmth and harmonics to five adjustable frequency bands in varying parallel levels
  • Five distinct saturation types for each band, offering customizable color and character
  • Four flexible crossover points for precise frequency control
  • 2x, 4x, and 8x OVERSAMPLING options for uncompromised audio quality
  • TAPE WOW effect for vintage tape recorder-like flutter
  • Carefully curated presets by acclaimed audio professionals

Plamen by SounDevice Digital is available for a limited-time introductory promo price of only €19.00 EUR until October 10, 2023, after which it will revert to its regular price of €89.00 EUR. The plug-in supports AAX, AU, VST, and VST3 formats, boasting internal 64-bit audio processing that accommodates all sample rates. Access the plug-in directly from its dedicated webpage here.



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