Spitfire Audio returns with a new sample library called “SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC WOODWINDS” featuring all the woodwind instruments like flute, clarinet etc. Don’t sleep on this because if you act now, you can get for $434 before December 31st 2016. Read more below.

LONDON, UK: Spitfire Audio, creators of the finest virtual tools from the finest music samples on the planet, is proud to introduce the availability of SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC WOODWINDS– with 10 years of woodwind virtual instrument-making experience going into developing this second-to-none definitive compendium for Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER system, featuring the finest woodwind performers deep sampled without any expenditure saved via the finest signal path at Lyndhurst Hall within London’s epic Air Studios– since December 15 …

Ending this year’s namesake symphonic sampling excursion that has currently seen Spitfire Audio recently launching SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC BRASS and SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC STRINGS to extensive praise, as indicated by name, SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC WOODWINDS represents the culmination of four years invested recording the finest woodwind players executing in one of the finest recording studio– Lyndhurst Hall within London’s fabulous Air Studios, devoting the awesome result in two-inch Studer tape utilizing a sensational selection of vintage valve and ribbon microphones via Neve ‘AIR Montserrat’ preamps and also a Neve 88R large-scale console prior to being digitally kept at 96k. This is only the beginning of a praiseworthy approach to this most recent long and also winding roadway to sampling magnificence. George Martin — multi-talented founder of London’s leading independent recording studio frequented for so long by Spitfire Audio, and no slouch himself when it involved symphonic orchestration as an amazing English record producer, arranger, author, conductor, audio designer, and also artist (frequently referred to as the ‘5th Beatle’ by Paul McCartney) would undoubtedly have accepted the spectacular samples of Spitfire Audio’s success with woodwinds.

While SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC WOODWINDS includes the normal suspects, Spitfire Audio’s deep sampling ventures extend to walking through the much less beaten path– though no less musically magical– areas of the wood choir, consisting of ALTO FLUTE, BASS FLUTE, and also CONTRABASS CLARINET, to name 3! Along with BASS CLARINET, BASS FLUTE, BASSOON SOLO, BASSOONS A2, CLARINET SOLO, CLARINETS A2, CONTRABASS CLARINET, CONTRABASSOON, COR ANGLAIS, GROOVE SOLO, FLUTES A2, OBOE SOLO, OBOES A2, as well as PICCOLO FLUTE, all feature numerous dynamics, vibrato control, numerous round robins, and a variety of typical and also esoteric expressions. Anyone searching for a cheeky clarinet tongue tremble don’t have to look far, for SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC WOODWINDS does it all … as well as a lot more!

Price $579.00 USD

Buy here.


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