New BeatStep Pro Controller

BeatStep Pro

Arturia made some noise at winter NAMM 2015 with the new BeatStep Pro controller. Like the previous BeatStep, it has CV with the same step sequencer abilities but has new features and it’s larger. Read more below.

Having wowed groups at last year’s 2014 Winter NAMM reveal with the introduction of its advance BeatStep, a compact chameleon controller as well as action sequencer that’s as effective as it is portable, this time Arturia is taking points a number of actions even more forward by presenting its larger brother, BeatStep Pro. As a brand new first-rate controller as well as dynamic performance step sequencer that is unparalleled in power as well as connectivity, BeatStep Pro has actually been designed to professionally carry out– onstage or in the studio. Whether you’re working with USB-, MIDI-, DIN Sync-equipped gear or CV/Gate-, BeatStep Pro favorably has your back by covering all bases and also even more. Certainly, its CLOCK connections could work as a 1:1 clock with an external clock generator so you can be sure that anything and everything you’ve got connected will play happily in time with each other leaving you to focus your energies on innovative performance.

BeatStep Pro

In other words, BeatStep Pro has actually been made from scratch to provide a fantastic hands-on hardware sequencing controller with 16 touch-sensitive knobs for going into gate, pitch, velocity, as well as timing changes each step. It includes two independent (color-coded) monophonic step sequencers, each with dedicated menu to show the existing playback position as well as BANKS length of the presently picked series. SEQUENCERS 1 as well as SEQUENCER 2 have actually been greatly increased with around 64 actions each sequence, 16 sequences per job, as well as 16 projects, making BeatStep Pro one of the most impressive action sequencers ever before made. Additionally, each sequencer has its own 1V/Oct CV (Command Voltage) and (10V) GATE results to hook up to suitably-equipped analogue monosynths, such as Arturia’s prize-winning MiniBrute or MicroBrute, with each other with a different VELO (Velocity) output to enable for much more possibilities when dealing with a modular synth system configuration.

BeatStep Pro

An added DRUM sequencer permits 16 different tracks of sequencing. Record in quantize real-time using the 16 pressure delicate pads or make use of the 16 action buttons for a traditional drum device workflow. Mentioning which, when functioning in SEQ1 and SEQ2 mode those pads could manage pitch transposition as well as accessing various musical scales– such as Major, Minor, Chromatic, Dorian, Harm Minor, Mixolydian, Blues, and also an Individual setting– while the DRUM sequencer itself additionally has 8 DRUM GATES at its disposal (to send out gate outputs from the equivalent pads for causing external tools). Sequences and also drums living in ideal consistency, see? Believe us, seeing is believing!

Price $299.00 USD.
Shipping Spring 2015

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