Nembrini Audio Quinta Pitch Machine


PAVIA, ITALY: Nembrini Audio is happy to reveal the Quinta Pitch Machine — making for an octave pedal-style plug-in with a distinction by adding a self-explanatory +1 FIFTH control to the benchmark octave up/down capabilities of most hardware octavers, other than the pint-sized Danish model from which it get some software enthusiasm with a headnod of recognition — as of February 1…


Nembrini Audio’s Pitch Machine renowned digital emulation of analog circuits at its creative center behaves and sounds real in software as an octave pedal-style plug-in with a distinction. Simple in operation and easy to install for it to run with any AAX-, AU-, VST2, and VST3-compatible host — with a price that won’t hurt your pocket.


Quinta Pitch Machine is ready for purchase (as an iLok-protected AAX-, AU-, VST2-, and VST3-supporting plug-in for macOS 10.9 or newer and Windows 7 or newer) at an awesome intro price of only $19.99 USD until February 15, 2021 — then price goes up to $49.00 USD — from here:

Quinta Pitch Machine is also available in AuV3 format for iOS on the App Store from here:


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