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Modulus just announced they’re new analog/digital synth called modulus.002 and it’s not cheap. You will need deep pockets for this so don’t think this is a budget synth. Think luxury. modulus.002 has 12 voices of analog goodness. Read more below.

BRISTOL, UK: development British electronic musical instruments manufacturer Modulus is happy to announce availability of modulus.002– the very first analogue/digital hybrid polysynth to have been made, developed, and produced in the UK for four years– as of July 10 …

Even though the technology for mass-market synths was patently pioneered in UK in the leafy London Suburban area at the end of the Swinging Sixties and the last time that a polyphonic/multitimbral analog synth was designed, created, established manufactured and produced in UK– actually within In fact– was way back in the late Eighties. It is with utmost satisfaction, consequently, that Bristol-based Modulus has not just succeeded in bringing back that pioneering spirit to Blighty with the mighty modulus.002 however has very well prospered in doing so by producing an impressive modern music instrument that genuinely stands for one gigantic leap for ‘synthkind’ with a big number of remarkable brand-new attributes to its ingenious name.


modulus.002 analogue/digital hybrid keyboard synth (utilizing an aftertouch-enabled premium Fatar semi-weighted, five-octave key) gives 12 discrete voices of polyphony with complete multitimbrality. It showcases two NCOs (Numerically-Controlled Oscillators) per voice for extremely high resolution and security with far-flung waveform selections, with each other with 2 sub-oscillators, separately (and distinctly) switchable from a typical square wave to having the exact same waveform as the major NCO to effectively create 4 oscillators per voice; a Modulus-designed 24dB/octave four- pole transistor ladder filter showcasing some very unusual morphing or ‘polesweeping’ FX, making it possible for ear-opening transitions from 24dB/octave four-pole to 6dB / octave one-pole filtering and anywhere in between; one LFO each voice as well as a worldwide LFO; comprehensive inflection choices, all obtainable directly via the front panel– no browsing confusing and convoluted menus; a pure analog signal path from the oscillators right the way through to the incorporated XLR/TRS balanced/unbalanced outcomes (with all 12 voices independently offered for exterior handling through a specialized D-Sub port); two audio inputs allowing internal audio handling from the VCF onwards … and that’s only scraping the area. Not literally, obviously!

Price $5,200.00 USD

For US sales enquiries contact [email protected]

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