I’ve been patiently waiting for the 8 Bit SID from Mode Machines for awhile now. I even bought a Commodore 64 sound chip just so I can install it inside the SID. Currently the first batch of SIDs will have the infamous chip inside it. The Commodore 64 chips are rare to find but I was able to get one for 50 bucks on EBay. If you not familiar, Elektron released the Sid Station over 10 years ago with the chip inside but they could only make a limited number because the chips are hard to find. I wish I bought one of them back then at the price of $500 but I missed the boat. Don’t miss the boat with this one. Mode Machines will make a limited number of SIDs with the chip and after that, the remainder will be emulations. If you want to make music that sounds like Mario Bros, get this baby.

SID is an 8-Bit desktop synthesizer with a double personality.

It’s simplistic layout and ease of use delivers pleasure at the first touch and it’s familiar step sequencer will have you programming patterns and beats in no time. 3 expression knobs control the key features of each Patch for instant results.

But don’t let it’s simplicity fool you:
The supplied SID STUDIO SOFTWARE enables you to tweak every parameter under the hood! Draw and design your patches with instant feedback from the SID. Also check out the NERD-PANEL, a powerful interactive blueprint which enables you to address the chip one pin at a time – also a great educational tool.

Sounddemo on:

[fresh_video url=”″]


100+ Patches
50+ Wavetables drum sounds/effects
Technical specification

Power: 12V AC500mA (PSU included)
Dimensions: 27.5 cm * 19.5 cm * 9 cm (10.83″ * 7.68″ * 3.54″)
(with packaging: 26.5 cm * 23 cm * 10 cm (10.43″ * 9.06″ * 3.94″))
Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lb)
(with packaging: 1.3 kg (2.87 lb))
What’s in the box

Manual German
Manual English
Power Supply

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  1. Hey Multi. I would love a Elektron SID but I refuse to spend the money if I found one. I remember when they first came out they were $500. I wish I got one then. The only reason I’m considering the Mode Machines 8 Bit SID is because of price.

  2. Save your monies and get an Elektron SID. They’ll hold their price much better and look better built.

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