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Modal Electronics is on the roll lately with their new line of synths. 008 is the 3rd addition to Modal Electronics new synth product line and it looks like a beast. Read more below.

BRISTOL, UK: revolutionary British electronic musical tools maker Modal Electronics is honored to to showcase the 008, an 8 voice, 16-VCO , as well as 16-sub-oscillator pure analog polysynth giant par excellence, representing the 3rd of three brand-new ‘numerical’ products that was showcased at Musikmesse 2015, April 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany …

All 3 of these brand-new synths share the OS (Operating System) common to 002, so speed of development is now swiftly accelerating. The cool thing, within a few months of 002 taking the synth globe by storm at the time of its July 2014 launch, after that turning heads and opening ears at 2015 in Anaheim, California, today’s wonderful announcement– nevertheless, no other synth producer has rendered such an unique array of cutting-edge instruments in much less time compared to a year– accompanies Modal Electronics experiencing fast growth, establishing a growing worldwide network of authorized dealers while broadening its home-grown talented group by hiring several of the most dazzling (synth design) minds in the UK.

As a similarly attractive choice to the fantastic analog/digital hybrid voice design beating at the musical heart of Modal Electronics’ advancement British-built 002 super-synth, 008 utilizes a unbelievably innovative as well as totally brand-new pure analog voice engine using elements of the greatest order throughout to produce a brick-wall analog voice architecture. Also, 008 does not need to be viewed as an 002 installation, however rather offers discerning musicians with extensive, replacement sources of first-class timbres to pass away for– digital purity (002) or analog elegance (008), clearly options are to be had right here. 008 lets everyone know that Modal Electronics is not merely a ‘one-hit marvel’, but rather stays clearly committed to proceeding to bring the most competitive synths products to the market place. 002 will continue to be developed for several years to come, maintaining electronic denizens of Modal Electronics’ ever-expanding synth world as happy as their different analog well-wishers.

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008 is scheduled for release this summer..

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