Midi Sequencers: The Centerpiece Of Your Recording Studio

MIDI Sequencers

MIDI sequencers are tools that record a track that you use a MIDI instrument (or collection of instruments) and make use of the recorded data for playing these instruments the same way you did when you recorded them. It is much more than simply a tape recorder. What get’s recorded is not the audio themselves, yet the commands that you offered the MIDI instruments that told them to play this or that note in this or that series with a specific tone, volume, pitch, timbre, and so on. The recording becomes a collection of numbers that, when equated right into electronic form, trigger the sequencer to send electrical pulses that play back the composition equally as you played it. Once these commands are recorded in digital they can be changed in almost any way you like, to ensure that you can readjusting your tune any way you please without needing to play the whole structure once more each time you intend to make an adjustment. It’s like the difference between a typewriter and a word processor in its capacity to conveniently customize anything it records, especially erasing a mistake you may have made during recording.

Akai MPC Touch Music Production Workstation

A MIDI sequencer offers a degree of control over your recording that is unmatched. As an example, when you repeat digital audio at a higher rate, it transforms not only the timbre but the velocity and the pitch as well, causing a distortion of the initial sound. A MIDI sequencer will certainly change the tempo without altering either the pitch or the tone (unless you desire it to).

Native Instruments Maschine Studio Groove Production Studio

There are a million (or even more) modifications you can make to your structure up until you get it simply the way you desire it to sound, as well as these modifications can be made either real time (throughout playback) or you could stop playback as well as re-arrange each note separately utilizing a display screen that consists of symbols representing every aspect of your recording.

Check out the Akai MPC Touch, NI Maschine Studio and Logic Pro X to get your start looking into MIDI Sequencers.



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