Merge Your Midi With MERGE-8

kenton MERGE-8

Kenton got a new product available called MERGE-8 that combines 8 Midi signals down to 2 or 1. If you’re looking for something like this then feel free to read more below.

LONDON, UK: following its intro at Winter NAMM Show 2017, MIDI specialist Kenton is proud to reveal the availability of its new MERGE-8– an eight-input intelligent MIDI combine unit made, built, and constructed in the UK as the latest enhancement to its widely known line of MIDI tools– since May 4 …

MERGE-8 can operate in two modes: initial is a full eight-into-two combine, where all MIDI information got throughout the 8 input ports is combined into two outputs (with both ports outputting the exact same information); secondly is a split setting, with two totally independent four-into-one merges. To get to setup use the recessed button and you will be shown a bicolor LED. MERGE-8 keeps this setup in EEPROM and launches in whichever state it was last in.

Including a 32-bit ARM microcontroller for super-fast MIDI handling, this device can take care of huge amounts of information. It is smart in that it applies merging regulations to refine the MIDI information from the inputs in the optimal method.

MERGE-8 is housed in a robust combed aluminum chassis, with dimensions 155 x 80 x 35mm and also weighing 220g. With the popular Kenton construct quality as well as integrity, the device is able to endure the knocks of a life when driving as part of big keyboard gear, yet it is just as in the house in the studio … powered from an included region-appropriate AC adapter.

Price £112.50 GBP

Buy here.



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