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If you looking for real sounding piano samples, check out Mega Steinway. Mega Steinway has the sound you need to add cool piano sounds in your tracks. Read more below.

Lest we fail to remember, standard piano samples are constantly fixed with no interaction between the strings while playing, however the Neo Piano Hybrid Modeling Engine recreates those heavenly accordant changes, creating refined sympathetic resonances derived from notes being played at any given minute. In the case of Mega Steinway Special Edition, Sound Magic effectively caught the harmonics for all eight pianos– 15 harmonics each piano, not much less, and developed mathematical versions for each piano based on this useful info, using the Neo Piano Hybrid Modeling Engine to form the timbre as well as dynamics to fit the model. The brand-new user-defined damping system specifically imitates real damper behavior, so users can decide whether they want to play a ‘limited’ brand-new piano, a common bedded-in piano, or a ‘loose’ well-worn piano.

Apply all of this to Mega Steinway Special Edition and just what have you obtained? Normally speaking, this thorough as well as detailed piano collection will certainly leave users really feeling that they are experiencing the advancement of Steinway pianos with a better understanding of real significance of the Steinway sound. You could plainly hear the enhanced mechanics from the 19th Century to the early 21st Century while finding just how the timbre modifications throughout 160 years’ worth of Steinway’s hallowed background. However, at a much more individual level, Mega Steinway Special Edition might also make it possible for customers to include an unique ‘Steinway singing tone’ to their very own songs. Make your very own track while experiencing Steinway’s history!

Price $399

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