Luftrum Thor Patches For Reason & iPad Out Now

Luftrum Thor

Luftrum just released Luftrum Thor for Reason and iPad. Luftrum is a freelance sound designer from Denmark that has an extensive resume designing patches for companies for their synth product lines. The newly released Luftrum Thor patches is something being offered directly from Luftrum’s own company. Luftrum has worked with the best in the industry like Camel Audio, Roland, Steinberg, Moog, and Propellerheads to name a few. Luftrum offers other patches for different Synths so you might find some you are looking for on his site.

Now iPad users can have access to Luftrum patches to use them on the go. The iPad is slowing becoming my main synth for production so the lines are being blurred between Reason and iPad and I can’t hear the difference. Luftrum Thor is going for $29 directly from his site. This is not a bad price so feel free to purchase it and support Luftrum. The Thor is a powerful synth and is ready to be exploited for sonic bliss. Technology is moving so fast it’s hard for me to catch up. Luftrum has a good track record for making patches so the Luftrum Thor should satisfy your thirst for new sounds. Here is what Luftrum has to say.

Luftrum Thor contains all the Thor patches from the Luftrum ReFills, now compatible with Thor on iPad as well as Reason 4 and up.

212 patches in total with a majority of ambient pads in the realm of old Eno’esque FM pads to deep drone soundscapes, ambient textures and minimalistic synths. Click to watch the YouTube audio demo of Thor Patches from Luftrum 2 and Luftrum 1.

Luftrum Thor is a free upgrade to all existing customers, who have purchased a Luftrum ReFill in the past.

Add Luftrum 3 and 5 for $20 only! Add them on the same shopping cart and save 40% on checkout! (Luftrum 3 & 5 are ReFills and only compatible with Reason 4 and up, not iPad)



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