LowSane: Rob Papen’s Creative Lo-Fi Sound Sculpting Plugin


Rob Papen Inspiration Soundware, a leading virtual instrument and effect plugin developer, proudly introduces LowSane, a specialized ‘lo-fi’ sound sculpting effect plugin. This innovative tool offers music producers creative options to deconstruct the digital realm, pushing beyond the sought-after early-Eighties-vintage 8-bit sound. As of September 13th, LowSane takes its place in the world of music production and post-production, offering a new dimension to the art of sound manipulation.

In today’s era of hi-res recordings at 24-bit/192kHz, pristine audio quality is readily available to music lovers worldwide. However, the creative tide has shifted, with many forward-thinking artists embracing the idea of intentionally degrading digital audio. Lo-fi audio quality is no longer considered a drawback but an authentic creative tool. This shift in perspective has turned ‘lo-fi’ sound sculpting into an art form in its own right.

Rob Papen, a virtual instrument and effect plugin expert, recognizes the evolving creative landscape. LowSane is his answer to the demand for ‘lo-fi’ sound sculpting. It goes beyond recreating the early-Eighties 8-bit sound, offering additional creative options, including its prominent DISRUPT sphere user interface. Rob Papen himself explains, “This allows you to alter up to eight parameters simultaneously, with features like the tempo-based spring-back (SPRING BACK TIME) and the tempo-based LAZY MODE.” Notably, the DISRUPT sphere slider can return to its center position in a tempo-based manner, with the self-explanatory SPRING BACK QUANTIZE option operating similarly. LAZY MODE enables automation of the DISRUPT sphere slider movement, allowing for the creation of innovative sounds.

LowSane doesn’t stop at basic lo-fi effects; it offers a range of sound-shaping tools, including distortion (DISTORT), BAND PASS / NOTCH, HIGH PASS, LOW PASS filters, a NOISE GATE, and an AUDIO FOLLOWER. Rob Papen elaborates, “Even without adding LowSane’s LO-FI section, distortion and filtering effects are perfectly possible. You can even create wah-wah effects using the AUDIO FOLLOWER.” These parameters can all be controlled by the DISRUPT sphere, offering a dynamic approach to sound manipulation.

Additionally, LowSane features a well-equipped LO-FI section with controls for SAMPLE RATE, BIT RATE, SEPARATE (for stereo adjustments), MIX (dry/wet), and BOOST. Rob Papen points out, “Even without using LowSane’s LO-FI section, you can achieve distortion and filtering effects. The AUDIO FOLLOWER allows you to create expressive wah-wah effects, among others.” Notably, all these parameters can be manipulated by the DISRUPT sphere, providing a unified interface for sound sculpting.

LowSane also boasts a two-slot modulation matrix (MIDI & MOD 1 and MIDI & MOD 2), allowing users to connect parameters and utilize MIDI to control various aspects, including the DISRUPT sphere. As a versatile tool for breaking down the digital world and exploring creative options for manipulating digital bits, LowSane empowers artists to embrace ‘lo-fi’ sound as a unique and expressive tool in their music production journey.

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