LANG Electronics Inc. PEQ-2 Program Equalizer

PEQ-2 Program Equalizer

MADRID, SPAIN: LANG Electronics Inc., a well-known name in the pro audio industry since the 1960s and recently revived after being acquired by European pro audio manufacturer Heritage Audio, is excited to announce the availability of its PEQ-2 Program Equalizer. This new version brings back to life one of the most coveted equalizers of all time, offering easy access to the industry’s most pleasing tones and textures. This announcement puts an end to the common practice of inflated prices for used units, which are often unreliable. Many discerning artists, engineers, and producers consider the “LANG PROGRAM EQUALIZER” superior to the ubiquitous Pultec and choose it as their secret weapon. The PEQ-2 Program Equalizer was released on June 28.

It is worth noting that only a limited number of Model PEQ-2s were produced back in the day, and the fortunate owners have guarded them carefully. Surprisingly, some professionals actually prefer this model over the more popular Pultec program equalizers, which have gained popularity due to their high production numbers. Both models are based on the Western Electric design, featuring high-quality passive equalizers with inductors. However, the reborn PEQ-2 Program Equalizer from LANG Electronics Inc., just like the original Sixties-vintage Model PEQ-2 (also known as the “LANG PROGRAM EQUALIZER”), offers a sharper and tighter response, making it ideal for mix bus use. The Pultec, on the other hand, can produce a flabby and undefined sound that can negatively impact the final results. The preference for the PEQ-2 Program Equalizer can be attributed to some significant differences between these two passive equalizers.

PEQ-2 Program Equalizer

The PEQ-2 Program Equalizer stands out with its 26 frequency options, nearly twice as many as the Pultec’s mere 14 options. For instance, the PEQ-2 provides a highly adjustable low-end range with LF BOOST, offering eight frequencies (20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, and 240 Hz) with up to 16 dB of boost, and LF DROOP, offering four frequencies (25, 50, 100, and 200 Hz) with up to 18 dB of cut. The Pultec lacks such versatility. Additionally, the PEQ-2 features a valuable 20 kHz option in its HF BOOST section.

It’s no wonder that Joe Chiccarelli, a ten-time GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY Award-winning producer/engineer/mixer and a known fan of the original “LANG PROGRAM EQUALIZER,” is impressed with the first modern-day PEQ-2 Program Equalizer unit he tested. Chiccarelli praises the original LANG EQs for their effectiveness on bass, kick drum, and synth bass, as well as their ability to add “air” and a beautiful top-end sheen to vocals or background vocals with the 20 kHz frequency. He describes the equalizer as unique and praises its transformative capabilities.

By bringing back one of the most desirable equalizers of all time and updating it for the 21st century, LANG Electronics Inc. ensures that anyone who purchases the PEQ-2 Program Equalizer can follow in Joe Chiccarelli’s footsteps. With its user-friendly layout, this equalizer allows users to enhance their tracks with natural and musical processing in no time. It opens up creative possibilities that were previously unexplored, surpassing the limitations of the Pultec. Indeed, the PEQ-2 Program Equalizer is a truly exceptional equalizer.

Price $899.00

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